How to Display Jewelry, Accessories and Fashion As Home Decor

We all have those pieces – the jewelry, the shoes, the bags, scarves, and even dresses or hats that we love beyond all belief but either hardly ever take out of the closet or just consider to be more of an art piece than a mere fashion item. So why not consider making them part of your home’s interior design? You can display your jewelry, accessories and fashion as home decor.

Accordingly and inspired by this article in Architectural Digest and our fashion-based decorating proclivities, we’ve put together some ideas for decorating with your most stylish and beloved pieces.

After all, if you love a shoe or bracelet, it might already tie into your home’s style – and you’ll love being able to actually view and enjoy the iconic, luxurious, heirloom, or otherwise unique pieces that you own on a regular basis. So let’s put them on (literal) display, shall we?


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Fashion As Home Decor

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Shadowboxing Jewelry

Putting your most dramatic or favorite pieces of jewelry in a shadowbox meant for keepsakes can be a good way to see them every day as well as protect them from the elements and any wandering children or pets. There are shadow boxes meant to be hung on a wall as well as freestanding ones like this wooden one from, so you can choose the type that works best for your space and collection of treasures.

Bookend It

Anything can be a bookend on your shelves, including shoes and purses. You can use a small flat nearly invisible bookend like these acrylic ones from Amazon if you need the extra support to keep your books in line. Think about using some gorgeous pumps as bookends (after all, they already come in a pair) or wedge an embellished clutch or two in your bookcase.

Elevate Your Mantels, Shelves Coffee Tables, And More

Think outside the standards when you decorate your mantelpiece or make an arrangement on your coffee table. Cap off a stack of coffee table books with a pair of stunning stilettos that you never wear, use a series of shadow boxes with your favorite jewels across your mantel or on a shelf, or even use that incredibly heavy cuff bracelet as a paperweight on your desk. Ornate clear boxes like these from West Elm can make for a display worthy of a high-end boutique.

Get A Curio Cabinet Or Display Table

If you have the space and the inclination, a curio cabinet or table can be a fun way to show off your collection of baubles, shoes, or smaller handbags along with other small or fragile precious items you’ve gathered over the years and things like photos or glassware. Something that’s mostly glass – perhaps with backlighting to highlight your objets – like this Wade Logan cabinet available at Wayfair might be perfect.

Or Display Stands And Hooks

You can find a variety of interesting display stands that could work for shoes, necklaces, or even hats, fascinators, or headbands. Think outside the typical and look at what things could be used for as opposed to just what they are marketed as. For example, plate stands can hold evening bags and rod-shaped standing paper towel holders can showcase a huge stack of bangles or cuff bracelets. What’s more, hook display stands or ornament hook stands can be used for pretty much anything from hats to necklaces to strappy sandals, just get a pretty metal one like these from HOYIYA via Amazon.

Framing Scarves And Printed Pieces

Any fabric can be framed, and really what are scarves but art printed on silk, cashmere, or another canvas? Even things like tops, skirts, or dresses can be framed this way, you may just have to get creative with it or consider taking the piece(s) to a professional for their expertise. For scarves, we like floating frames like this one from Wexel Art in order to make sure the whole piece can be seen or deeper shadowbox style frames like this one by Studio Décor for bulkier pieces like shirts, dresses and skirts.

Note that the kind of pieces that work for this sort of treatment tend to be things like jewelry (especially larger items including necklaces, earrings, brooches or pins, bracelets, and rings), shoes that are over the top or otherwise impractical for your lifestyle, and like-new or new condition, smaller handbags and evening bags, heavily printed scarves, tops, skirts, or dresses. Fashion accessories that can be fitted to a frame, including hats, fascinators, huge headbands, or artistic statement sunglasses all work well. But really, the sky’s the limit. Experiment and see what you like and where and how to best showcase it.

Display Your Fashion As Home Decor

Remember that anything can be an objet d’art if properly arranged, and this is one way to not only add some color, style and chicness to your home but another way to enjoy your favorite pieces, especially those you may not get a chance to wear all that often or consider too precious or beloved to risk-taking outside. And besides, you can always take the jewelry, shoes or scarf out of its display if you change your mind and want to wear those pieces out!

Shop Displays for Fashion As Home Decor

Pictured above from left to right:

Wooden Pedestal Shadowbox 6’’x8”, now $41.99

Clear Acrylic Bookends, set of 8, $19.35

Monogram Glass Shadow Boxes, $30-$50

Wade Logan Mcwilliams Rectangular Curio Cabinet, $409

Display Hangers, set of 2, $13.99

23″ x 23″ Square Magnetic Single Panel Grade Acrylic Floating Picture Frame, $99.99

Large Shadow Box, 24″ x 30″ by Studio Décor®, $109.99

–Jacqueline Zenn

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