osteoporosis and exercise fountainof30

How To Reduce Your Risk Of Osteoporosis With Exercise

Osteoporosis is a significant concern for women as they age, affecting about eight million American women. You probably have heard of it, but you may be wondering, why is it a big deal, and how you can you prevent it? Can you reduce your risk of osteoporosis with exercise? Osteoporosis And Exercise If you are …

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health food trends to avoid fountainof30

9 Unhealthy Health Food Trends to Avoid

The food industry can be sneaky. This means that you need to stay informed on how you’re fueling your body. In the era of viral pins and hashtags, read on to sort through which health foods are not in your best interest and which wholesome alternatives are not-so-healthy after all. In fact, there are some …

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fit and fab at forty fountainof30

How To Feel Fit and Fab at Forty and Beyond

It can be intimidating to get back into a fitness routine if you have been on a hiatus. It is also frustrating to tailor a workout plan to your health concerns and goals using endless, even contradictory, fitness advice found online, most of which is marketed to young men. Therefore, I’ve tackled some of the …

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personal trainer fountainof30

Do You Think You Need A Personal Trainer?

Are you interested in working out with a personal trainer but want to learn more before you try? You may not know what to expect, what the advantages are, or how to find a fitness trainer that is best suited for you. I asked Connor Youngman, Equinox Lincoln Common Personal Trainer a lot of questions …

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