How To Breathe Yourself Younger With Cathy Riva

By now we are well aware that stress ages us (it weakens your heart and brain). But did you know proper breath can literally turn back the clock? You can actually breathe yourself younger.

Check out S3 E8 of Beauty is a Bitch PodcastBreathe Yourself a Little Younger and a Lot Less Stressed.” Certified Mindfulness Coach Cathy Riva explains that most of us are breathing incorrectly. I bet you’re thinking “Well I’m alive, so I’m breathing, silly.” But the truth is most of us are just breathing shallowly into our chests and not down deep into our bellies which is where all the magic happens. And guess what? It’s free and you can do it at any time.

Breathe Yourself Younger

We live in stressful times, but there is another avenue to manage or stress emotions that will bring you some inner calm, even if it’s only for a few minutes every day.


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About Cathy Riva

Cathy is a Certified Mindfulness Coach who helps children, corporate teams and educators on a journey to find life and workplace balance through a variety of mindfulness techniques. They are designed to allow participants to focus on moment-to-moment awareness, without judgment. Her workshop topics include: integrative acupressure, movement, meditation, restorative sound, breath work and parenting children with anxiety, among other areas.

The effects of practicing mindfulness in the workplace include improved attention and reduced stress. As a result, participants learn to better regulate emotions, feel compassion and become more productive and focused.

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What You Will Learn In this Podcast

  • How to know if we are breathing properly.
  • How to breathe properly (she will walk you through some simple techniques).
  • The neuroscience behind proper breathing. What happens internally when we breathe deeply?
  • How belly breathing can relieve anxiety, lower blood pressure, balance hormones and helps with digestion.
  • How breathing is tied to mindfulness and meditation.
  • How to make mediation more fun and not seem like a bore or a chore.
  • How to become a recovering Type A…like Cathy.
  • How this all helps you look and feel younger.

Find Cathy Riva here. And be sure to follow her on Instagram @celebrateeveryday

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