Get It Now: Saying Goodbye To Mad Men Via Your Outfits

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Chances are that you watched, or at least are somewhat familiar with the cultural phenomenon that is Mad Men (and if you aren’t, get thee to Netflix! The vintage fashion isn’t the only reason to watch the show). So if you aren’t ready to give up the ghost when it comes to such an awesome show, we’ve got a way that you can channel it via your wardrobe. We promise there are no spoilers in regard to the storyline!
Here’s our rundown of modern pieces each of the main female characters would love today:
Betty: Betty epitomized the classic feminine silhouettes of the early sixties with soft hues, fitted waists, and full skirts. She probably would have loved eShakti in general and the ability to customize the dress to her (usually) perfect measurements, and this pale blue and white organza dress with a full skirt would complement her blonde beauty queen coloring perfectly.
Peggy: Never known for her style or her looks, Peggy did have a definite style, and it could be modernized in the form of fitted sweaters and plaid skirts (but not pleated – that’s too school girl). Or a plaid dress, like this black and white shirt dress by eShatki or this black and blush pencil dress from ShopRuche. Peggy was probably the most modest of the Mad Men women – she preferred to let her work stand out rather than her sexuality.
Trudy: Trudy was somewhat conservative, but in an exceptionally elegant way that could still look modern today. She was especially good at outerwear, often appearing at the office to visit her husband wearing perfectly tailored coats, like this black and white tweed number by Tory Burch.
Jane: Jane was a glamorous bohemian and she also loved pastels and statement jewelry, along with tight sweaters and pencil skirts (no wonder she “married up”!). She probably would have loved this silver satin jumpsuit by Alexis with its slinky feel and sparkling embellishments.
Megan: No one rocked a mini dress like Megan, but if you’re not open to showing off your legs you can do the headscarf – another style she mastered – especially in bright bold prints like this Jimmy Choo scarf. Or if you want to go with her signature sheer sleeves, this black French Connection drop waist dress could be a good choice.
Joan: Joan loved slim-fitted pencil dresses that showed off her amazing figure, mostly in jewel tones and bold floral prints that worked well with her red hair. We think she would like this floral frock by McQ Alexander McQueen, or this front bow knot hip-wrapped dress available at Chic Nova.
So now tell us, which character did you like the best? Who was the best dressed on the show?
1. eShakti Embellished Floral Organza Dress, $89.95
2. eShakti Black and White Plaide Shirtdress, $109.96
3. Ruche Rita Plaid Dress, $44.50
4. Tory Burch Marbled Tweed Cat, $278
5. Alexis Cody Jumpsuit in Silver Grey, $284.25
6. Jimmy Choo Coral Stiletto Printed Twill Square Scarf, $175
7. French Connection Black Lace Sheer Sleeve “Gigliola” Drop Waist Dress,$75.50
8. McQ Alexander McQueen Floral Print Dress, $503.99
9. Chicnova Font Bowknot Hip-wrapped Pencil Dress, $29.23
–Jacqueline Zenn
Image Layout: Tequila Perrin

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