Footwear Designers Weigh In On the Royal Wedding Shoes

Kate Spade's ivory silk slingback design

After our initial excitement with the Royal Wedding, we kinda got burnt out with talking about it as the entire world seemed to be infatuated with discussing it every second. But now, as the April 30th nuptials approaches, we can't help but feel that little stir of anticipation again, especially if we're talking about shoes. WWD, whose always good for outsourcing topics to designers, tapped some of the fabbest names in footwear to design their fantasy of what the Princess-to-be should wear when walking down the aisle. And as you'll see, Kate Middleton didn't get all the attention this time—designers also sketched out what they imagined Prince Wills to be footing as well. Here's some of our faves: 


Jessie Randall of Loefller Randall's white satin stiletto pump with rosette

Ivanka Trump's ankle strap d'Orsay with diamond strands

Vince Camuto's T-strap sandal with oversize jewel

Stuart Weitzman's strappy sandal with sapphire forget-me-nots

For Prince William: Daniel Silver of Duckie Brown's beaded brogue with dark turquoise, orange, red and chcolate beads

-Alia Rajput

Article and Photo Source: WWD

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