Celebrity Trends That Are Really Starting To Irk Me

Some celebrities are keen on always making a statement, whether they're wearing low cut risqué tops or sheen underlinings, or branching out in new standout colors like olive and burnt orange. The average celeb (if you could ever call her average!) likes to use and reuse the same trends over and over again. Sometimes (ok, all times) it turns into overkill. Here are the latest trends that are doing just that:

Polka Dots

Katie Holmes

Katy Perry

Let's face it: Polka-dots are pretty. They're also fresh, retro-inspired, and super cool. Fashion publications like WhoWhatWear were reporting that these sweet spots were getting a revamp with a new generation, but I think they're going into major overload.  When you start seeing too many celebs (think Katie Holmes, Anne Hathaway, January Jones) working their polka-dot print pants, you start realizing maybe this potent pattern is not so punchy, after all. 



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Victoria Beckham

Debra Messing

From the days of Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor, stars have always had a proclivity for showing off their wealth.  In their case, it meant lavishly draping a fur coat or vest over a long gown or beautiful dress. These days, fur may be back, but it's not better than ever.  We saw many a celeb donning this foxy feature at New York Fashion Week to the point where we were scratching our head and going, "Fur again? Really?" And then blogger Bryanboy was photographed in that furry headgear and I just about had it. That's enough of that.

One Feather Earring

Jessica Szohr

Jessica Biel

Vanessa Hudgens

Milla Jovovich

Peacocks prints on dresses and feathers on the hemline can be nice. And I don't mind the bird-inspired earring or two.  But one? For some reason celebs like Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Szohr, and Jessica Biel are craving the look of a long feather earring. Is it part of that boho chic look they're always trying to bring out to the general public? Are they making a statement? And what would that statement be? One is all you need? Certainly, Jessica Biel was making this very announcement (without words) when she wore a basic white tee and one feather earring a day or two after it was announced she had split from Justin Timberlake.  


Nicole Richie

Paris Hilton

I know some people like the leather jacket over maxi dress trend, but it's really starting to make me throw up. Strong words, I know, but I just personally don't believe tough leather and feminine excess (the maxi dress) should go together.  It's one thing to wear a cropped leather jacket with a short lace mini or a Herve Leger bandage dress, but a maxi is exactly what I called it—the feminine extreme. In general (and again you all might disagree with me,) I believe a maxi is for a stroll on the beach, not a stroll down a city street. But that's only my opinion.

Photos: Cosmo.co.uk, People, Elleuk.co.uk

—Simona Kogan

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Trends That Are Really Starting To Irk Me”

  1. Totally with you on the fur, feather earring (1 or 2), and maxi dresses. I could never get into those trends in the first place, and they won’t go away!

  2. I agree that I don’t get why people always think that one has to toughen up a feminine look. If you want to look tough then wear skinny jeans and a motorcycle jacket.
    The rest, I can stomach.


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