Retail Detail. Saks Pulls John Galliano's Menswear, Keeps Christian Dior

The king has been de-throned

Last week, amid the hulabaloo surrounding John Galliano and his termination from Dior, website dot429 asked the general manager of Saks Fifth Avenue's flagship if John Galliano's designs would be pulled from the racks at Saks. Her response? "We have values like I hope everyone else has. What happened was not right, and we would not want to carry his merchandise in honor of our customers and my employees that work in the store. That decision is being carried out."

Now the statement is being clarified and admitted as not entirely true. The New York Post reported that when speaking with Saks, they noted not all of John Galliano's items had been pulled. His pieces for Dior were still available and would remain to be, according to a Saks rep, but that Galliano's men's collection had indeed been pulled. The Post noted how the luxury retailer was keen to explain the Dior collections and the John Galliano collections as to separate entities, perhaps on request of LVMH who owns Christian Dior. The French luxury house itself has announced it would continue to support Galliano's eponymous line for now, but that the future of the label was still to be determined.


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So not all of Galliano's clothes have been pulled from Saks but that begs the questions, as New York Magazine noted as well, is anyone really gonna buy it anymore? Would you?

-Alia Rajput

Article Source: The New York Post, NY Mag

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