NSFW Kate vs. Kate

Well the royal wedding is over but the catfights have begun! This week Kate Moss appeared in a photo nude photo in bridal attire with the text “There’s only one Kate in London”. Speculation surrounds the photo that Kate Moss isn’t even behind the statement and it is a previous photo rallied up for the …

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kate middletons stunning dress

Kate Middleton’s Stunning Dress…And All The Details Of Her Fairy Tale Wedding To William

Well, the day that has brought so much speculation throughout the world has arrived. According to reports, 2 billion people were on hand to watch it—whether on television, through live streaming online or live near the Westminister Abbey and through the streets of London. Kate Middleton and Prince William were married. Take a look at …

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Footwear Designers Weigh In On the Royal Wedding Shoes

Kate Spade's ivory silk slingback design After our initial excitement with the Royal Wedding, we kinda got burnt out with talking about it as the entire world seemed to be infatuated with discussing it every second. But now, as the April 30th nuptials approaches, we can't help but feel that little stir of anticipation again, …

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