Kate Moss NOT Designing Her Wedding Dress, But This Designer Is….

Two high fashion besties

False Alarm alert! After being tipped off by Vivienne Westwood at her London Fashion Week show that legendary model and longtime friend Kate Moss was designing her own wedding dress, fashion media (including yours truly) began to wonder if it was true. As a style icon for decades and a designer for British retailer Topshop, it didn't seem that unusual though we wondered why she wouldn't just get one of the world famous designers at her disposal to do it for her.


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Today the news broke that Moss is doing exactly that and has tapped none other than good friend John Galliano to do the honors. We think this may be the best possible choice since Moss deserves a dress to end all dresses (she has jokingly said she would be the most notorious 'Kate' to get married this year, with a nod to the Royal fiancee Kate Middleton) and Galliano is just the one to do it with his artful and outlandish signature style. The nuptials will be this summer, some months after the Royal Wedding, so we'll just have to have a 'Kate Wedding Dress Throwdown' to determine which one makes us swoon more.

-Alia Rajput

Article and Photo Source: Modelinia.com

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