Fall ’15 Style Pairings: A Fur Chubby With Cropped Jeans

Chubby Fur Jacket, Cropped Jeans, Style Pairings Dare to go there! Another trendy fashion pairing I’m loving for the impending cooler days ahead is a chunky fur (or faux fur) chubby jacket with cropped jeans. You might think you are too old for this look, but I promise you are not! In fact, I almost prefer this somewhat daring duo on “women.” Don’t be afraid to wear cropped jeans, even if your inner voice is telling you not to. Ignore it. It doesn’t know what it’s talking about. Ideally you want the jacket to be a bold color and/or pattern and you can opt for any length with which you are most comfortable. I prefer the jackets that hit right at the hip, but you can go longer if you desire. Shaggy, long or just plain crazy pants, I made sure to show designer and low-end versions because frankly, it’s hard to tell the difference. Wild fur is wild fur and it looks faux anyway so why waste your money? If we were talking about mink, that would be a different story. If you are anti real fur, this look should be totally up your alley. As for the cropped jeans you want either a boyfriend style with a rolled cuff or a pair that hits a few inches above your ankles and don’t tapper – they should flare just a touch. The finish is dealer’s choice. Not too faded or ripped (some rips at the knees are fine, but utterly destroyed are for the under 25 set). Keep your legs bare and pair with your favorite pumps or slip-on sneakers (my fave) and wear a simple tee or blouse underneath. Your going to get hot and look bulky if you wear much else anyway. I know several of the items pictured above are designer, but they are just examples. I have seen wild faux fur jackets at Century 21 and H&M. As for denim, we all have our favorites and to be frank, some of my go-to jeans are H&M as well as my trusty Rag & Bones, so you just never know. Again you can pull this pairing off on virtually any budget. That’s the beauty of it. Pictured above (from left to right): 7 For All Mankind Crop Straight Leg Jeans (Icelandic Blue), $215 Ulla Johnson Fur Hawk Coat, $2,645 Fendi Two- Tone Shearling Jacket, $5,500 Siwy Lauren Cropped Jeans, $262 Frame Le Slim Straight Trouser Jeans, $249 ASOS Only Ombre Fur Jacket, $107.49 – Lauren Dimet Waters Image Layout: Tequila Perrin

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