karl lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld And The Celebrities Who Wore Him

“Chic is a kind of mayonnaise, either it tastes, or it doesn’t.” Yes, that was the iconic Karl Lagerfeld – the sort of man who wore monochrome black and white to every major event, but also said sweatpants “are a sign of defeat.” The legendary designer of Chanel and Fendi among other labels, including one …

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Go For the Gold (Rimmed Sunglasses)

Lately I have been finding myself reaching for my gold rimmed sunglasses. Why? Well they look hot! Seriously, the color compliments pretty much any skin tone and they have a bit of a 70’s vibe which by now we all know is in right now. Thin gold frames look like jewelry and the thicker ones are just funky! Besides, is there any better way to dress up an outfit than with a touch of gold? So go for it! You can always go for classic Ray Ban Aviators and never go wrong, but here are some additional styles I found and some are even under $25!

Celebrity Style Steal: Kerry Washington Gives Us Flowers

Kerry Washington gave a very public baby announcement at this past Monday’s Met Gala. With Mother’s Day on Sunday here is an easy-to-wear floral ensemble that can be worn for brunch or dinner. I love a great floral print! You can go either way: bold or subtle. Washington opted for very bold and bright and this Teri Jon by Rickie Freeman Floral Print dress fits the bill.

Trend To Try With Caution: Embroidered Denim

Now that I really look at this image I realize the embroidered denim trend might be pushing the limits of what is appropriate for women over 40 to wear. However, like most other trends, it’s not just how you wear it, but how much of it you wear. I can’t stress enough that unless you want to look like you just came back from Coachella (which in my opinion is not very cool when you are in your forties and beyond) WEAR ONE EMBROIDERED DENIM ITEM AT A TIME! Yes, I purposely typed that in all bold because I really mean it.

Bright As Hell Shoes For Spring

Personally I tend to shy away from bright colors – at least on my body. Yet when it comes to shoes, I am willing to go there. The brightly colored shoes that stomped the Spring ’16 runways are getting my juices flowing and now they are trickling down from high-end to mass retailers. So if you are like me and lean towards a rather muted color palette (black, navy, white) but wouldn’t mind adding a shock of color, try some on your feet – and I’m not just talking about your polish. Go color crazy! I’m talking every color of the rainbow in one shoe too.