Trend To Try With Caution: Embroidered Denim

Now that I really look at this image I realize the embroidered denim trend might be pushing the limits of what is appropriate for women over 40 to wear. However, like most other trends, it’s not just how you wear it, but how much of it you wear. I can’t stress enough that unless you want to look like you just came back from Coachella (which in my opinion is not very cool when you are in your forties and beyond) WEAR ONE EMBROIDERED DENIM ITEM AT A TIME! Yes, I purposely typed that in all bold because I really mean it.

Now I prefer embroidered denim on just that, an actual pair of jeans with a floral embroidery. Wear them with a simple white top or tee and strappy sandals. Or pick a very modern cut jacket or a midi skirt. If all that is just too much, maybe try a bag or a pair of sneakers. Whatever you do, do NOT get a jean embellished baseball cap! That will make you look like your eccentric Aunt Ida who lives in a retirement community in Tampa.

Here are some embroidered denim items I like:


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