Are Your Beauty Products Effective? Take The Exponent Vitamin C Test And Find Out

This is a sponsored post. When it comes to the New Year many of us have the intention (I try not to use the word “resolution”) to get serious about our self-care and/or skincare. One very necessary product to add in to your daily anti-aging skincare routine is Vitamin C. Vitamin C skincare is usually found in the form of a Vitamin C serum or a Vitamin C cream.

It’s important that the Vitamin C in your skincare is active and effective. The good news is you can test your products efficacy with the Exponent Vitamin C test, and you can get one, like I did!


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Why Vitamin C Is Good For Your Skin


Now you can check all of your products, both old and new to see what the actual % of Vitamin C is in your skincare and if you are still getting optimal results. Here’s how to use the Exponent Vitamin C test strips. First, order the Exponent Vitamin C Test Kit for $15 which includes 10 test strips (packed in a vacuum seal to stay fresh) and the corresponding guide to read your results. Use the strips to test multiple Vitamin C products or retest a product you’ve been using over time to make sure it’s always effective and that you’re getting the best results.

Testing Vitamin C in skincare serum fountainof30

Here’s what you do:

  1. Add 2 drops of your skincare product (serum or cream) to the color side of a test strip for 2 seconds and then shake off any excess.
  2. Wait 60 seconds and then compare your results to the color chart. The strip will continue to change color after this time period but this moment (1 minute) shows the accurate result.
  3. Snap a photo of the front of your skincare product and test strip to share the results with Exponent Beauty via the QR code given.
  4. Write your results and test date on the enclosed stickers and affix one to your Vitamin C product so you know when to retest it…or toss it.

Yes, it’s that easy.

serum with Exponent Vitamin C test fountainof30

vitamin C skincare with exponent beauty test fountainof30

How To Interpret Results

You will notice the chart to compare your test results starts at a maximum of 15% and goes down to 0% (the worst).

15% means: A high Vitamin C concentration but if you are new to using Vitamin C you may want to patch test first for sensitivity.

10% means: The ideal amount of Vitamin C for most benefits for the skin. But be sure to use it within 4 weeks since it degrades quickly.

5% means: This is a good starter amount for a first-time user or someone with sensitive skin.

0% means: It’s ineffective. Check the label for L-Ascorbic Acid (the pure form of Vitamin C). If it’s not listed your product may be using a derivative or less potent form of Vitamin C. Or you just may need to throw away your product.

Now you’re a skincare “expert.”

label on product exponsent beauty standard fountainof30

Where To Find The Best Vitamin C Skincare Products

Not all Vitamin C skincare products are created equally. So why waste your money on one that doesn’t really work? Exponent Beauty also provides a list of the most effective recommended Vitamin C products on their site. They have researched over 500 products and share the ones (79 as of now) that meet their Full Of Standard for efficacy. They do not make any money on these recommendations/purchases but solely want to help you find the best. So, what do you have to lose?

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  1. This is great to know about. I may purchase this test. I use an inexpensive Vitamin C Serum that I like but wonder if it contains the amount it says it does and if it really is an effective amount.


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