Chic, Simple and Easy Halloween Costumes for Women Over 50

Halloween costumes are a challenge at any age, but for those of us who are past our twenties and may be too busy or not into the spooky season, it can be hard to care about carving pumpkins or handing out candy.

Simple and Easy Halloween Costumes

But sometimes you need a costume, and that’s when these ideas for Halloween costumes that you can throw together with minimal effort (and expense) come in handy.

After all, some of us are Halloween people who have been planning our costumes since well, last Halloween. But many of us also don’t really think about Halloween until October 30, or are focused on costumes for the kids (and maybe pets!) and don’t plan to dress up ourselves. 


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However, maybe you need to or want to dress up without buying anything you won’t wear again, so in the interest of simplifying your life — and closet — here’s how you can pull together a Halloween look with items you already own and maybe a quick Amazon order or trip to Target. 

Cat Ears Headbands 5Pack Cat Tiger Leopard Ear Headbands for Halloween fountainof30
Amazon Partay Pumpkin Store Cat Ears Headbands – 5 Pack, $9.99

Put Ears On It

Cat ears are the simplest and easiest to find option, but any kind of animal ears plus a top or dress in the appropriate color palette works. If you own any animal printed items, this one is a snap — you’re a leopard, a tiger, a zebra, etc. Or pick up a five pack of headbands from Amazon for multiple options!  

Halloween Butterfly Wings Costumes for Women
Amazon Shireake Baby Halloween/Party Butterfly Wings Costumes for Women,$15.99

Or Put Wings On It

If you can find some butterfly or fairy wings, all you need is some fun and colorful makeup to complete the look. Amazon likely has you covered with these butterfly wing shawls in fun colors. 

barbie core J. Crew Regent Blazer in Four-season Stretch
J. Crew Regent Blazer in Four-season Stretch, $159.50


Love all the hot pink associated with the Barbie movie? You can be any kind of Barbie you want to be this Halloween, just rock the pink version of the outfit or accessories needed for Cowboy Barbie, President Barbie (any pink suit or suit with a pink blouse), or similar. Picking up a hot pink blazer like this one from J. Crew wouldn’t be a bad idea if it would fit into your wardrobe post-Halloween as well. 

Boden Ella Long Sleeve Breton stripe top fountainof30
Boden Ella Long Sleeve Breton, $40

“French Girl”

This might be a little more niche, but a breton striped top like this one from Boden, a beret, jauntily tied scarf, and maybe a baguette in a tote and you’re a Parisienne. 

PAT McGRATH LABS LiquiLUST™: Legendary Wear Matte Lipstick
PAT McGRATH LABS LiquiLUST™: Legendary Wear Matte Lipstick, $34

Swiftie Style

If you love Taylor Swift already (or maybe your kids do) this is super simple. Wear sparkles, glitter, red lipstick (she reportedly wears Pat McGrath LiquiLUST in the shade Elson 4) and any and all merch you already own. 

Anne Klein Graduated Pearl Collar Necklace fountainof30
Anne Klein Three Row Graduated Pearl Collar Necklace, 18.5”, $42 with code: VIP

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Already have a little black dress? Add a three-strand pearl necklace like this one from Macy’s and a small rhinestone tiara and you’re set. 

Northwestern Wildcats Comfy Cord Vintage Wash Basic Arch Pullover Sweatshirt
Women’s Pressbox Purple Northwestern Wildcats Comfy Cord Vintage Wash Basic Arch Pullover Sweatshirt, $59.99 with code: salencaa

“Off-Duty” Princess Diana

An oversized crew neck sweatshirt (this one is a replica of the actual Northwestern one she had), knee length bike shorts, and white sneakers with white scrunched socks and you’re set. Plus you’ll be super comfortable! 

Feather Boa easy halloween costumes for women over 50 fountainof30
Amazon Flydreamfeathers 100 Gram 2 Yard Long Chandelle Feather Boa (over 10 Colors), $16.59

Glamorous Diva

This isn’t so much a costume as it is a state of mind! Just put on a tiara, crown, feather boa (easy to grab on Amazon), massive amounts of jewelry, sparkly eyeliner, bold lips or whatever says “diva” to you and rock it. No need to get more specific! You are the queen.

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Do you love Halloween, can’t stand it, or are you indifferent? What is your favorite Halloween costume that you’ve worn and why? Is there a go-to Halloween ensemble you wear or do you change it up? What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year? Let us know in the comments or in our Growing Younger Facebook group! 

–Jacqueline Zenn

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