Cozy Casual Fashion: Where Comfort Meets Style for Women Over 50

These last few days in the Midwest really had me thinking about my winter fashion choices. Sub-zero temperatures are not to be taken lightly and going outside and braving the weather can be a daunting task, especially when you still want to look somewhat put together. Even lounging around a not-so-well insulated house can put a damper on your mood. So let’s take a look at some cozy casual fashion items that will help you fight the chill in the air, but still leave you looking stylish.

Cozy Casual Fashion For Women

The wonderful thing about all of these pieces is that they are perfect for women of all ages and body types, especially women over 50!

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Cozy Casual Tops

I’m guilty of wearing tops like these almost every day when I’m at home and sometimes even to the office once the sub-zero temperatures hit. A plush fleece top is a staple in my winter wardrobe, and I love that current trends feature special or elevated details that keep them from looking like any bummy, old fleece you may have had from years past. The color of this Fireside Plush fleece is just divine. The rich peacock color is perfect for getting you out of your black and gray color rut that we all fall into in the winter months.

You can go for a more elevated look with this Fuzzy Knit Oversized Sweater. I love the bright fuchsia color and the crystal embellished buttons. It’s such a fun piece to wear with jeans or leggings. You can style it up with a pair of chunky loafers or keep it casual with some sneakers.

Cozy Casual For Around The House

Like I mentioned before, I wear my cozy clothes almost exclusively lounging around my house. Clothing options include and are not limited to sweaters, lounge pants, robes, slippers, and socks; I’ll even throw in a romper or onesie here and there. Picking up a plush and warm outfit for the house is a must, so if you don’t have anything now, I would start with a couple of these fluffy pajamas sets from Amazon or this three piece set from Fashion Nova. They also make great gifts. I know we’ve moved past the holidays, but wouldn’t you love to get this as a “just because” gift from just about anyone?

I’ve also invested in and have been gifted multiple pairs of plush slipper socks. I love the ones with the grippers on the bottom! Pick up a few pairs of these Lemon Cabin Slipper Socks which are perfect for curling up on the couch. I love my shearling house slippers, but they can get bulky when I want to just kick my feet up and snuggle under my blanket on the couch!

Cozy Casual Fashion For Braving The Cold

As much as many of us don’t want to, we have to eventually venture out into the weather and brave the cold (or maybe that’s just me?). So, we may as well do it looking good, right? I’ve created a small collection for myself of plush, cozy casual clothes that I wear when I have to go out in freezing temperatures. If that is something you are interested in trying, I’ve found a few great pieces with which to start. If nothing else, you need a tremendous coat, so I found this long UGG teddy coat that could work as a cold weather staple.

For something underneath, how about this boucle midi-length sweater dress. This is actually a good base for layering as well. You can add a white collared shirt underneath and have the collar and sleeves cuffs peak out for a cute office look. Or, you can add a cardigan sweater over it, pair it with some tights and a pair of sneakers for a more casual look.

Speaking of cardigan sweaters, it’s ideal to have a basic go-to to wear in winter months; one you can throw on with just about anything. This boucle oversized one from Topshop could be just that. This khaki color should compliment just about anything you may already have, and you can wear it all winter long.

Expert Style Tips

  • When venturing out, stick to one piece at a time. To avoid looking like Nanook of the North when you leave your house wear one cozy casual piece per outfit. Throw on your teddy coat, wear your plush fleece or oversized, cozy sweater. Play with proportions, but make sure you are mindful of them as well.
  • Quality matters. I have some great cozy casual pieces and some that have found a home in the garbage. You want to stick with fabrics that are not going to get matted or furry pieces that are not going to get patchy. There are lovely synthetic fabric options available, so make sure you pay attention when picking out your items.
  • Neutrals keep this look elevated. Black, camel, ivory and even navy keep this trend looking grown-up and sophisticated. A bright piece is nice here and there when worn with subdued pairings, but otherwise keep the full sets of bright cozies for when you are lounging at home or taking a nap.


Shop Cozy Casual Fashion

Eddie Bauer Women’s Fireside Plush 1/4-Zip Fleece, Now $59.50

Express London Fuzzy Knit Embellished Quarter Snap Oversized Sweater, $32.40

Amazon Gihuo Women’ s Fluffy Pajamas Set, $40.99

Fashion Nova Keep Me Cozy Fuzzy 3 Piece Legging Set – Sage, $41.99

Lemon Cabin Cute Women’s Slipper Socks, Now $29.99

Express Boucle Off The Shoulder Long Sleeve Midi Sweater Dress, $98

UGG Women’s Gertrude Long Teddy Coat, Now $186.99

Topshop Bouclé Cardigan, now $47


What’s your favorite cozy casual piece to wear on a cold winter day?

–Carmen Turner

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