Fall 2023 Trend to Try Now: Closet Staples For Women Over 50

One of our favorite top trends for fall 2023 is closet staples. You may be wondering, “What? Can I shop my own closet this season?” The short answer is yes! But as always, when it comes to fashion, designers always update, alter and tweak even the most basic items, and seem to find a way to get you to buy new pieces each season. Therefore the long answer is you may need to shop for something new, even if it is considered a closet staple.

So what exactly is this “trend” of closet staples for Fall 2023? Basic button down shirts, jeans, jackets, skirts and suits were spotted on many of the runways for fall. These closet staples were shown at top designers like Gucci, Christian Dior and The Row. This trend is ideal for women over 50.

Closet Staples: Fall 2023 Fashion Trend

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Closet Staples at Gucci, Christian Dior and The Row



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Get the Gucci look with a basic white shirt and jeans with an oversized jacket. Or wear a black pencil skirt with a white shirt as shown at Christian Dior, or go with a full on jacket and pants suit as shown at The Row.

Assess Your Closet for Fall 2023

Let’s start off with the notion that you can really shop your own closet for this trend, because it is really quite possible that you may already have these style staples. Besides, doing a little closet cleaning is always a good way to start off each season.

Shop For Closet Staples

Now before you go out and spend $4,000 on a pant suit from The Row (because I knew you were going to do that), here are a few closet staples to start with to get this understated look for fall. These examples may to remind you of what you already have, and where to shop if you need to fill in a few pieces. If you have kept a lot of your clothes, especially from the 80s and the 90s, there is a good chance you will already have everything in your closet!

closet staple white shirt fountainof30 fall 2023 trends
Spanx The Best Button Down, $128

Closet Staple: White Button Front Shirt

A basic white menswear-inspired button front shirt in a cotton blend is ideal. Choose one that is not too tight nor too oversized so you can still layer over it. If you get one new fashion piece for fall 2023, make it a white button front shirt (unless you already have one). Here are some examples in a variety of price points.


wide leg jeans fountainof30 fall trends
Gap High Rise Stride Wide-Leg Jeans with Washwell, $79.95

Wide Leg Denim Jeans

Fall is a perfect time to update your denim jeans. The runway jeans at Gucci were high-waisted, medium rinse and wide legged. We all had basic jeans like this in the 80s or 90s, and if you kept them you are in luck! They are back on trend. However a new pair of jeans in this classic silhouette may be even better, because now you can get denim with a little bit of stretch for added comfort.

Oversized Blazer closet staples fountainof30 fall trends
H&M Single-breasted Jacket, now $76.50

Oversized Blazer

A simple oversized blazer in a neutral color like tan, khaki or blush works well over wide leg jeans (to get that Gucci look) or with any of your basic black pants or skirts. It is very versatile wardrobe staple for Fall 2023. If you can’t find one in your closet, here are some blazers to shop.

black midi pencil skirt fountainof30 fall 2023 trends
Nordstrom Pencil Skirt, $89

Pencil Midi Skirt

Get the Dior look with a sleek black midi skirt. Did you keep one in your closet? If not you can shop one here.

minimalist suit black with white shirt fountainof30
BOSS Jabina Stretch Tropical Wool Jacket, $595 and Tulea3 Tropical Stretch Wool Trousers, $248

Minimalist Pant Suit

Get The Row look with a minimalist black or dark navy pantsuit to wear with your white shirt. Here are jackets and pants combos at all price points.

black loafer fountainof30 fall trends
SARTO by Franco Sarto Eda Loafer, $120

Closet Staple: Loafers

I had to add one shoe style and you may have a pair of these in your closet too. It’s loafers! Loafers are classic and are also a huge trend for Fall 2023. You will see a wide variety from chunky heels to flat, so pick a pair that suits your style, but the trend is to keep them simple and basic.

Do you already have some of these pieces in your closet? Then you are ready for fall 2023!

Carol Calacci

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Runway Photos: Vogue.com

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