Christian Lacroix: Where Is He Now?

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The couturier has found new digs at the French mint, the Monnaie de Paris

French designer Christian Lacroix, who was entangled in the most publicized bidding war last year to save his eponymous couture house which eventually ended up shuttering, may be down but he is definitely not out. The design legend has found a new home and a new outlet for his creative genius at the Monnaie de Paris, the French mint, which houses
a museum, photography shows and, naturally, coins galore. Lacroix was recently named artistic adviser to the institution,with his first assignment involving the design of special medals for marriage and PACS, the
term for civil unions in France. Lacroix noted he also plans to dream up new
commemorative forms, using precious metals (and hopefully with his signature use of flare!) In his post-fashion career,
Lacroix also continues to design costumes for the stage, and has already created multiple  projects in interior design, from eccentric hotel rooms to luxury trams.

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-Alia Rajput

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