The Best Cannes Film Festival 2022 Red Carpet Fashion

If you thought this year’s Met Gala had the most jaw-dropping looks of the season, you haven’t quite experienced the Cannes Film Festival 2022. Although some said the films reflected the bleakness of hard-hitting issues like the climate crisis and the socio-political climate, there was a celebratory air as people marked the return of cinema after the social distancing brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, and a lavish red carpet of stunning gowns.

Yes, there were A-listers (and B-listers, and C-listers and D-listers) and they stunned in breathtaking jewel tones, striking silhouettes, and eye-catching embellishments. 

Here’s just a taste of the Cannes Film Festival 2022 red carpet fashion that caught my attention, with a few afternoon photo call looks thrown in.


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The Best Cannes Film Festival 2022 Red Carpet Fashion

Sharon Stone red gown Cannes Film Festival 2022 Red Carpet Fashion fountainof30
Sharon Stone in Dolce & Gabbana

The way this gown hugs her body is stunning. In fact, Sharon Stone had some incredible winning looks this time around.

Sharon Stone blue gown Cannes Film Festival 2022 Red Carpet Fashion fountainof30
Sharon Stone in Dolce & Gabbana

There was an emerald green number and this incredible gown transformation (her Lady Gaga moment.) 

Diana Kruger red gown Cannes Film Festival 2022 fountainof30
Diane Kruger in Oscar de la Renta 

People have been remarking how much Diane Kruger has been smiling at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Well, she’s always been incredible with her fashion so I’m guessing it’s her relationship with Norman Reedus. Whatever the reason, she looks incredible. 

Olivia DeJonge sea green long sleeve chiffon Gucci fountainof30
Olivia DeJonge in Gucci

This Gucci look reminds me of ocean waves in the Caribbean. I’m not sure if that was the inspiration, but it’s certainly breathtaking on Olive DeJonge, the actress who played a young Priscilla Presley in the much talked-about Elvis movie. She certainly has a stylish career ahead. 

Isabelle Hupert in Balenciaga cannes 2022 red carpet fountainof30
Isabelle Hupert in Balenciaga

I’m not sure how I feel about Balenciaga’s all-over spandex collection as of late (as seen on Kim Kardashian) but I have to admit this color is stunning on Isabelle Hupert and I adore the draping. Although maybe it also gives off a sea creature vibe. What do you think?

Sara Sampaio red Zuhair Murad cannes 2022 red carpet fountainof30
Sara Sampaio in Zuhair Murad

It’s all about the texture and the way this stunning number fits this Portuguese model perfectly. But then, Zuhair Murad is known for that kind of thing. 

Naomi Campbell floral Valentino cannes 2022 fountainof30
Naomi Campbell in Valentino

Here’s another model who looks absolutely ravishing. Naomi Campbell wore this pink floral Valentino. Don’t love the bedhead hair but the dress is absolutely divine. And it looks like it took a long time to create. 

Elsa Hosk hot pink Valentino cannes 2022 red carpet fountainof30
Elsa Hosk in Valentino

Don’t try this at home! Not quite sure how this Valentino number is staying on, but kudos to Elsa Hosk for making it work. Not sure anyone else could. 

Aja Naomi King floral Armani Prive cannes 2022 red carpet fountainof30
Aja Naomi King in Armani Prive

No words. Stunning. 

Raline Shah in white gown Ashi Studio cannes 2022 red carpet fountainof30
Raline Shah in Ashi Studio

I don’t know Indonesian actress Raline Shah or her work but I have to say that she took my breath away in this Ashi Studio gown that is absolutely perfectly tailored to her body…and it’s white! 

Tang Wei in Fendi cannes 2022 red carpet fountainof30
Tang Wei in Fendi

I’m a fan of a sculptured look and this Fendi frock on Tang Wei certainly delivers. 

Noomi Rapace Moschino cannes 2022 red carpet fountainof30
Noomi Rapace in Moschino

This look is quite subdued for Moschino if I do say so myself but it still looks exquisite on the Swedish actress who was part of the jury panel for Cannes this year. I love the puff sleeves, the deep blue, and the choker. 

cannes 2022 red carpet fountainof30
Deepika Padukone in Louis Vuitton

Actress Deepika Padukone is on the Cannes jury this year and she used the momentous occasion to showcase her stint as Louis Vuitton’s first Indian ambassador, wearing a number of custom LV looks. It is said to be from the brand’s Resort 2023 collection, but it also looks way too hot for Cannes. 

Then again, Cannes has been a whole lot of boring black gowns so this really gets cheering. It’s totally unique.

Fala Chen violet sequin Armani Prive cannes 2022 red carpet fountainof30
Fala Chen in Armani Prive

This sequin gown on Fala Chen is definitely not boring. 

Eva Longoria in black Monot cannes 2022 red carpet fountainof30
Eva Longoria in Monot

I love seeing Eva Longoria on the red carpet but she’s really gone overtly sexy and a wee bit goth at this year’s festival. Not sure how I feel about it. 

Afternoon Photo Calls At The Cannes Film Festival 2022

There aren’t many of these in my post, but I had to add a few that really wowed me. 

Anne Hathaway Schiaparelli cannes 2022 fountainof30
Anne Hathaway in Schiaparelli

This whole brightly colored 60s vibe that Anne Hathaway‘s got going on is like nothing I’ve ever seen before on her but I absolutely love it. 

cannes 2022 Léa Seydoux in Louis Vuitton fountainof30
Léa Seydoux in Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is really having a moment here at Cannes. I love this menswearish look with a pop of color. 

Gemma Chan iTory Burch skirt and top cannes 2022 red carpet fountainof30
Gemma Chan in Tory Burch

When Gemma Chan has a moment, she has a moment. 

The Worst Dressed at The Cannes Film Festival 2022

I wish it wasn’t so but even the Cannes Film Festival has its share of worst dressed moments. Here are just a few:

Helen Mirren cannes 2022 red carpet fountainof30
Helen Mirren in Dolce & Gabbana

I love Helen Mirren more when she isn’t trying so hard. OK, I take that back, I will never stop loving Helen Mirren, but this is not a good look. Please go back to the bob. 

Andie McDowell in Dior cannes 2022 red carpet fountainof30
Andie McDowell in Dior

I can’t believe this is Dior, or that Andie McDowell would wear it for a Cannes red carpet. It looks like a day dress to me. 

Bella Hadid black and white Chanel cannes 2022 red carpet fountainof30
Bella Hadid in Chanel

I never like what Bella Hadid wears at events, but this probably takes the cake. Just no. 

Michelle Williams Chanel cannes 2022 fountainof30
Michelle Williams in Chanel

I know she’s pregnant so I’ll cut her some slack but – you can do better Michelle! Pregnant women are absolutely beautiful and there’s no need to look quite so frumpy, even if it is Chanel. 

Do you have a favorite look at the Cannes Film Festival 2022 red carpet?

–Simona Shemer
Photos: Red Carpet Fashion Awards, People

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  1. I agree with most of your comments. Mirren looks like she’s from outer space. Hubert and Shah my favorites. I know the plunging thing is in. But where is it plunging to? Some women have breasts and others just do not. Next on the list will be the navel.


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