5 Celebrity Fashion Risk-Takers Who Need Help With Their Outfits

Many stylish celebrities that inspire us with their fashion do so because they take risks. Sure, it takes a lot of work, and some of them end up on the Worst Dressed list. But think about the moments that take our breath away. Like Blake Lively’s Atelier Versace dress transformation in an homage to New York and the Statue of Liberty at the 2022 Met Gala. Then there’s Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Nicole Kidman. They are all examples of A-listers and celebrity fashionistas who truly make a statement when they take risks, make our jaws drop, and don stunning outfits. But sometimes celebrity fashion risk-takers need help with their outfits.

Celebrity Fashion Risk-Takers Miss The Mark

There are times when a celebrity look doesn’t always work. Sometimes it is one thing, perhaps a shoe, a misplaced necklace (or maybe a bare neckline), or the way the hair and makeup are done that messes up an entire outfit. On the one hand, you look at the outfit and you’re impressed that the fashionista took that risk. On the other hand, you cringe. Have you ever seen one of those outfits? Below are a few celebs who have done just that. Kudos for trying, but no siree, bub. 

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Nesta Cooper in Christopher Kane

Nesta Cooper, an actress who plays the lead role alongside Jason Momoa in Apple TV+’s first original series See, wore a stunning gold mini pleated Christopher Kane dress from his Spring 2022 collection. It was metallic and futuristic. And then came the shoes. I’m all for a stunning pair of shoes, especially ankle tie ones. And maybe they would have worked here – if they were black. Gold and neon yellow just don’t mix and it throws off the entire look, which could have been so fabulous, had those weird shoes not come into play. If you’re going to go for such bold shoes, the rest of the outfit should probably be played down. Once again, gold and neon yellow don’t go together. 

Regina Hall in The Sei and Aliette fountainof30

Regina Hall in The Sei and Aliette 

Regina Hall attended a Netflix premiere in Los Angeles dressed in a yellow The Sei satin off-the-shoulder top and an Aliette feathered skirt. I’m not sure what it is. This look isn’t terrible. It’s a whole lot of yellow (including the clutch) which isn’t a bad thing. It’s a cool feathered skirt that is hard to pull off.

But something about the whole look together is too much and yet not enough. There’s too much yellow, but not enough dressing up for the event. The off-the-shoulder top with the long sleeves makes the whole look too casual, and I don’t think that’s what she was going for. If you’re going to wear such a dressy skirt, you’d want to dress up the outfit the same way and she just doesn’t do that. I’m not totally disregarding this look, I just think the pieces should have been worn separately. 

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Ema Horvath in Pamella Roland

Ema Horvath wears a Pamella Roland cream taffeta strapless A-line dress with a big fat bow to a Lord Of The Rings: The Rings of Power premiere in New York. Don’t get me wrong. I love Pamella Roland and intrigued by Ema Horvath, a Slovakian-American actress. But I’m not bowled over by this look. I know that the bow is supposed to overpower the piece, but it really overpowers the piece. It’s just too big and so up front. And she’s so petite. Maybe, just maybe, if it had been designed in a different way (like for fabric in a longer skirt) I would have liked the look. But right here, right now, I don’t. 

Kirby Howell-Baptiste in Viktor & Rolf celebrity fashion risk-taker

Kirby Howell-Baptiste in Viktor & Rolf

When Viktor & Rolf showcased their Spring 2022 collection with exaggerated, hunched high shoulders at Paris Fashion Week, they had a moment. It was one of those moments we all love in fashion where everyone says, “This is genius! This is fantastical! This is magic!” Viktor & Rolf have done it again. (They’ve done it before.)

We simultaneously had to poke fun. Plus-size influencer Remi Bader did. And that got us all to ask, “Who would ever wear it?” Was it to be worn, or just for show? Actress Kirby Howell-Baptiste proved that it could be worn, and to a premiere no less. But did it work?

Well, it’s a little too gothic for my taste. But it’s a great dress and it certainly fits the theme of the TV series. But I’m not quite sure what she was going for paid off. It looks more like a costume than anything else. 

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Ciara in LITA by Ciara

This look goes at the bottom of the list because it’s not completely terrible. It’s also mostly in line with Ciara‘s fashion sense, so I can understand why she wore it (not to mention it’s from her own line of elevated essentials). So what’s so elevated about this look? Well, the blazer is in a unique color (that I absolutely hate). But that’s not what this post is about. Here’s the thing. Once again the shoes are calling out to us when it should be the ensemble. The shoes are too high, too bold, and too fuschia for this number. I could understand them for another look but not for this one. Then again, this is very Ciara to me and so I can understand why she chose them. It only makes the strange color of the blazer and shorts set scream out even more. I can imagine styling this outfit with a pair of really shiny quilted leather loafers. Not so much with bright pink stilettos. So yeah, this look is a no. 

Sometime Celebrity Fashion Risk-Takers Need Help

Have you seen any celebrity outfits lately that were not quite right? What do you think was wrong with it?

–Simona Shemer
Photos: Nesta Cooper – Tom & Lorenzo ; Regina Hall – Red Carpet Fashion Awards; Ema Horvath – WWD (Women’s Wear Daily); Kirby Howell-Baptiste – Tom & Lorenzo; Ciara – Red Carpet Fashion Awards 

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