Breast Cancer Awareness Month Products That Actually GIVE


Let me just say here that after 5 years of publishing Second City Style I have come to loathe October (even though my son was born in October and my favorite holiday Halloween is this month). Why? Well Breast Cancer Awareness is very important to me (as it should be for EVERY woman) and all the 'pink washing' really irritates me. What is pink washing? Well technically it means "the activities of companies and groups that position themselves as leaders in the struggle to eradicate breast cancer while engaging in practices that may be contributing to rising rates of the disease." It has also come to mean using 'cancer' to market one's products while donating a mere pittance to charity. You would not believe the number of pitches from PR companies we receive starting in August for products that donate so little, it angers me.

Frankly, I think you should just donate some money directly to your cancer research charity of choice this month (and/or every month). However, if you have the need to own something pink and feel good about yourself we have carefully selected items that donate at least 20% of the price of the item or give a significant donation regardless of sales. Please don't support those that donate a $1 from a $300 purchase or 5%. It's insulting and shameful. I know times are tough, but using cancer to sell one's wares is disgraceful.


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Shopping Guide:

1. Made Her Think Breast Cancer Awareness Talon Necklace, $78

2. Rebecca Taylor Love It Blouse, $265

3. BCBG Susan G. Komen Dream Sunglasses, $120

4. Emily Elizabeth Ribbon Studs, $50
5. Noodle & Boo Love Light, $20

6. FingerPaints Nail Enamel I'm a Survivor, $4.99

7. FingerPaints Nail Enamel I Pink I Can, $4.99

8. Bright Dahlia Collapsible Umbrella, $25

9. White & Warren Breast Cancer Awareness Slippers, $165

10. Breast Cancer: The Path of Wellness and Healing DVD, $34.99
11. Goldfaden Instant Face Lift, $75

12. Butterfly Project – Necklace no. 2, $235

13. LaLicious Sugar Kiss Soufflé Scrub, $34

14. Purple Lab NYC Sealed With A Cure Nancy, $18.50

15. Limited Edition Susan G. Komen Ribbon Spi Belt, $19.95

We also encourage you to check out the Ralph Lauren Pink Pony products! They give 10% throughout the year. Check out our post here!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Image Layout: Aisha Shawn Kreach

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  1. Breast cancer has a relatively high rate of affecting at least 12% of women in America. In fact, according to published statistics, every adult woman can actually develop this type of cancer at some point.


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