Gallery Aesthete Opens In Wicker Park. Take a Peek Inside!

Gallery Aesthete will open its new Wicker Park showroom doors on Friday, August 19th, making a move from the (somewhat secret) Oak Street location to a more accessible street level gallery. Gallery Aesthete successfully achieves its mission to illuminate the relationship between fashion, art and object. Whether it’s apparel, artwork, fragrance, jewelry or accessories, each …

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Go For the Gold (Rimmed Sunglasses)

Lately I have been finding myself reaching for my gold rimmed sunglasses. Why? Well they look hot! Seriously, the color compliments pretty much any skin tone and they have a bit of a 70’s vibe which by now we all know is in right now. Thin gold frames look like jewelry and the thicker ones are just funky! Besides, is there any better way to dress up an outfit than with a touch of gold? So go for it! You can always go for classic Ray Ban Aviators and never go wrong, but here are some additional styles I found and some are even under $25!