Coming Up Roses! The Best 5 Rose Perfumes

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and what are you left with? Dead roses. Not me. I would rather have a bottle of rose perfume I can wear all year long. Make that several bottles of rose perfumes. Truth is, I can take or leave a dozen roses but I cannot resist rose fragrances. I have loved them since I was a young girl and I still wear them to this day. Almost exclusively. I have become a rose fragrance connoisseur and have tried and studied quite a few in my lifetime. Not all rose fragrances are created equally. These are without a doubt the best 5 rose perfumes and my top favorites of all time.

Manhattan Rose 44 by Krigler, $245/1.7 Fl. Oz

This particular fragrance has recently become my signature scent. I adore it so much I can’t even put it into words. Yes I can. My sons tell me I smell fantastic which is all I need to hear. I hope when they remember me as adults they think of this perfume from their youth. That’s how special it is. So is the brand itself.


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The story behind the Krigler name is utterly fascinating. Berlin-born chemist, Albert Krigler initially worked for the French company Rallet as an apprentice in its Moscow factory. In In 1879, Krigler created his first fragrance as an engagement gift for his French-born fiancée. He called this scent, Pleasure Gardenia 79 (each perfume is numbered with the year it was originally made). In 1904 Krigler opened his first store in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he began making more fragrances. In 1909, Krigler moved to the South of France and in 1914 Krigler became a French-based house.

By the 1920’s Krigler Perfumes were a favorite among celebrities and royals of the era. In 1931, Krigler began to sell its fragrances in New York City at the Plaza Hotel. During the 1940s and World War II, Krigler became a French-American company. Albert Krigler passed away in 1954, but his family continued his legacy.

The fourth generation of Krigler perfumers began to focus on the company’s custom-made services, including fragrances and scented candles. Each lavish scent is still lovingly handmade with the most exquisite natural ingredients. Today the company is run by Ben Krigler, a fifth generation owner who reopened its doors in 2007 at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

My treasured Manhattan Rose perfume was made in New York in 1944. It a very clean but sexy scent that includes roses from Beacon and Grasse (in France) and also includes touches of violet, aldehydes, geraniums, musk and cyprus. To me it’s absolutely divine.

Estée Lauder AERIN Beauty ‘Rose de Grasse’ Parfum, $196/1.7 Oz.

Rose de Grasse is another one that I keep in heavy rotation. It is a very rich, timeless, feminine floral rose perfume. Rose de Grasse Parfum is flawlessly crafted with an meticulous attention to detail. Heart notes are filled with a fusion of roses, including the hundred-petaled rose centifolia which is hand-picked in Grasse, the French capital of perfumery since the 16th century.

Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne, $130/3.4 Fl. Oz,

If you want a scent that is all rose and nothing rose, this one is for you. It’s a blend of seven of the world’s most exquisite roses. It has just a hint of crushed violet leaves and lemon, yet it unfolds like a bouquet of freshly cut roses. You can also layer this one with another Jo Malone cologne to create a unique fragrance all your own.

ODIN White Line Milieu Rosa, $210/100ml

This fragrance is a mix of roses with fresh greens that smells like nothing else and is absolutely heavenly, intoxicating and addictive. It’s more of a summer rose fragrance in my opinion since it is so light and green.

Milieu Rosa is characterized through overlapping layers of petals from top to bottom. Equally bright, soft, sweet and woodsy, this luminous floral scent blends spicy Moroccan Rose, delicate Rose de Mai and honeyed Turkish Rose Otto. It has top notes of Moroccan Rose, Rasberry, Cassis, Mimosa middle notes of Rose de Mai, Geranium, Jasmine, Litsea Cubeba Oil and bottom notes of Turkish Rose Otto, Amber Woods, Oak Leaves, Vetiver. I promise this is another one to treasure.

Annick Goutal Rose Pompon Eau de Toilette Spray, $149/3.4 Fl. Oz.

As you can tell I love a good story. After success as a pianist and model, founder Annick Goutal met perfumer Henri Sorsana in 1977. He introduced her to the world of perfume making, and she spent the next seven years honing her talent as an extraordinary nose. Annick Goutal fragrances have a devoted cult following, with loyal fans from Hollywood stars to European fashion designers.

This particular scent came to be when two perfumers destinies crossed and the resulted in Annick Goutal Rose Pompon fragrance. Camille Goutal, daughter of Annick, approached Philippine Courtière to collaborate with her on the creation of a new Annick Goutal perfume. Their parents introduced them to the universe of perfumery during their childhood, and while both share the values of a family tradition with a destiny of perfumers, each began their careers as something else. Camille was a photographer and Philippine was a lawyer. The purpose of their collaboration was to compose a fresh and playful rose scent that was unique. They succeeded.

Rose Pompon has a little more depth than just rose. It also has notes of blackcurrant and raspberry, spicy pepper and velvety peonies blended with the freshness of Rose Pompon which comes from the famous rose centifolia and is composed with multiple small pale pink flowers. This particular eue de toilette has an almost spicy finish which makes it playful and unique.


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