Summer Sandals: Beach Slides

Admittedly I was not a fan of Birkenstocks last summer (in fact I hated them, always have). Therefore I am so thankful they are a big, fat OUT this year. The shoe Gods heard my pleas. To replace that hideous shoe is one that is slightly less offensive and one I actually like – the beach slide. They remind me a bit of the Adidas shower sandals some friends wore when I went to sleep away camp, but I digress.

Beach slides make the perfect sandal for the…beach. Or pool. Just slip them on and you are good to go. Now I like them strictly for their intended purpose, however a few of the ones I picked below I might wear elsewhere with a pair of shorts say to the grocery store. They are not recommended with a dress or for an evening out, which I hope is obvious. There are other slide styles more suited for that.


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