Bad Judgement Du Jour (?) Liam Gallagher to Launch Womenswear Line

Liam Gallagher, half the former frontmen of Oasis

Ick. Do we even care about this? Not really so we'll keep this short. But, in our dedication in bringing our readers the absolute latest, breaking fashion news, we just had to mention this:  So Liam Gallagher, obnoxious, potty-mouthed frontman of Oasis, has apparently been a designer fro some time. Driven, of course, by self-involved motives, Gallagher started designer menswear after claiming he hadn't a thing to wear last summer. So he developed a line called Pretty Green, full of bland, moody pieces that guys could apparently just shrug on whenever. If they felt like it. But didn't really care either way. Despite all the obvious evidence, the line was a huge hit in the U.K. and people started asking for more. Specifically, women. So, never wanting to disappoint a fan, Gallagher has recently announced he will be branching out into womenswear in the near future, (here's where we would have included a quote, but couldn't find one that had more words than f-bombs). No word yet on when the new line will drop, but in an uncharacteristic bout of modesty, Gallagher did say the the overnight success of Pretty Green "does surprise." him. We're betting he's not the only one.


Gallagher's Pretty Green menswear line was more yawn-worty than drool-worthy

Article and Photo Source: NY Mag
-Alia Rajput

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