Anti-Aging Beauty Tips: How To Fake Long, Full Lashes

Faking long full lashes We all want ’em and at some point, we all loose them. I’m talking about long, thick lashes. After the age of 35, they start to look a little sparse and short and if you are like me, that is unacceptable. Now you can always apply fake ones, but every day? Or you can go the Latisse route, which I have, but it’s you need a prescription and it’s expensive. It will lengthen your lashes (in my case to the point of needing to be trimmed), but it doesn’t help with volume. I wanted to learn to create long and full lashes like I had in my 20’s by simply using an eyelash curler and mascara. I have been perfecting my technique for a while now, but thought I should confer with an expert so I asked my friend and celebrity makeup artist Dara Klein (@daramascara) how to get age-defying and traffic-stopping long, full eyelashes. I figured she would know since her lashes always look amazing. Here are the tips for faking long, full lashes: 1. Walk an eyelash curler through your lashes. Don’t crimp in one hard press because it will then bend your lashes backwards and not allow your mascara wand to cover the full range of your lashes. 2. Line the upper water line of your eye (that’s the upper rim of the inside of your eye) with a  black waterproof gel or pencil liner. This will fill in any sparseness so lashes appear fuller where lashes can’t lie. It’s all about creating the illusion. 3. Apply a volume mascara first (unless you are using an all-in-one volume and lengthening mascara) back and forth one direction several times toward the nose. I tend to wiggle it back and forth a bit more at the base for the first coat. 4. Before that coat has time to dry (if it dries, you will get clumps) use your lengthening mascara several times in the outer direction to lift lashes. Use tip of wand to build outer lashes to add volume and length to any tiny stragglers on outer corner. I do a few extra hits on the outer last third of my lashes to create more of a babydoll look. 5. Apply a little mascara to the lover lashes by just placing a little at the roots, not the entire lash. Dara is currently loving the new Lancôme Grandiôse’ Wide-Angle Fan Effect Mascara “it’s amazing and adds volume where you didn’t even know you had lashes!” Needless to say, I will be trying this one myself in the very near future. Voila! You now have the knowledge to fake it until you make it. -Lauren Dimet Waters

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