Project Runway Season 14, Episode 7: Haute Tech Couture (Dumpster Diving) & Memorable Quotes

Project Runway pr14-ep7-Designers
Ah, much better. Lingerie sucked. Mercifully this week is an unconventional challenge! The designers speculate what their challenge could be when they find a relic Boom Box on the counter…a 90’s challenge? Not quite. The remaining designers meet Tim Gunn – God knows where – and find themselves surrounded by dumpsters filled with obsolete electronic equipment. Marie Claire editor-in-chief, Anne Fulenwider is with Tim to explain the week’s unconventional challenge.
The designers are to go dumpster diving through dinosaur tech trash from the past 30 years and will have one day to use their haul to create a modern fashionable look. Cool! So the designers jump in and grab carts filled with their finds of mouse pads, circuit boards, records (remember those?), VHS tapes, cords etc. and head back to the workroom.
Once back in the workroom Jake who is visibly undone immediately asks to speak to Tim Gunn privately. He reveals he has learned his beloved dog has to be put down. He needs to leave and Tim completely understands. They both return to the workroom where the designers are at work hammering and dismembering their electronics to tell them the news. They obviously understand, but hey, it’s one less person remaining in the competition. Back to work!
When Tim comes back for his walk-through, Ashley is on a roll. Literally. She using a rolling pin over Polaroid film to create a colorful pattern with the burst chemicals (very innovative). Her fabric is a bit stiff, but Tim gives her the idea to remove the backing. Bingo. She admits to Tim she’s not an unconventional thinker, but Tim assures her she has this and to grow a pair (OK, not really, but get some damn confidence!). She’s killing it.
Kelly is the real surprise. She finds a way to make metal tubing pliable and creates a sexy suit of armor dress that is starting to look like a winner. Mind you, when she doesn’t know what a paillette is I instantly remember this garment must be a fluke of good luck. Der.
Joe is still finding a way to make his outfit matronly even though he thinks he’s creating something sexy because it’s above-the-knee. Swapnil has constructed a promising top, but decides to piss off the judges by using muslin for the skirt (has he NOT seen the show?). Then he revels his strategy to Candice over a snack break. He plans to play it safe until he gets further in the competitino. For now he wants to just fly under the radar so he can either be lazy or steal the show later down the line (not sure which). Either way he admits he’s not bringing it which really is a stupid strategy.
By now Swapnil has wasted so much time smoking and pissing me off that he has no choice but to use the muslin Tim warned him not to use as his skirt. He quickly covers it with grey paint, but it’s like putting lipstick on a pig at this point. He could care less. Jerk.
Once Kelly’s model tries on the dress she realizes there is some serious side boob which we all know Heidi will love, but Nina will not, so she deftly adds two side panels that actually make the dress look even better!
Edmond‘s fringy low-cut black dress is pretty spectacular even though it could fall apart at any moment. He has some extra time (I would have spent it using a glue gun) so he decides to whip up a clutch (smart). The judges always love that.
Project Runway Judges
On to the runway…someone is still being eliminated even if Jake left. The judges are Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, The Kluminator, Marie Claire’s Anne Fulenwider and guest judge actress (I think) Paula Patton (Robin Thicke’s ex).
The Top Three
Project Runway Season 14, Episode 7, edmond
Edmond: His mini black dress with plunging neckline comprised of mouse pads, smashed upside-down keys from a computer keyboard and strong fringed out shoulders is a hit with the judges. The back is criss-crossed wires which adds more depth. His decision to make a blue clutch from a camcorder bag instead of using the Just Fab accessory wall is appreciated by Zac. This is one cool dress.
Project Runway Season 14, Episode 7, Ashley, Polaroid photo Dress
Ashley: While I find this dress a tad too short it’s amazing. Ashley manages to turn the Polaroids into a flirty structured skirt with (yes) pockets! And a cut-out perfectly fitted midi top. It’s totally adorable and Ashley once again proves she is a true force to be reckoned with…even if she herself does not believe it.
Project Runway Season 14, Episode 7, kelly, Silver Dress, winning design
Kelly: Her sparkling V-neck minidress made of hammered aluminum tubing is beyond stunning. You just know Heidi wants to rock it. It’s the one item that looks high fashion and it came from Kelly? That’s right! She rightfully wins!
The Bottom Three
Swapnil, Project Runway Season 14, Episode 7
Swapnil: His lame strategy clearly doesn’t work and he obviously gets called out for it. His top is like wearable art made with white wire and has potential, but the painted muslin miniskirt is his undoing. He looks lazy and it does not go unnoticed by Zac who states he wants him gone.
Project Runway Season 14, Episode 7, lindsey
Lindsey: Her ill-conceived white empire waist dress embellished with keyboard keys on top and plastic CD holders on the bottom seems uninspired. Zac (who has a lot to say this week) notices she didn’t transform any of her materials. She just glued them together. He proceeds to say her garment reminds him of a bathroom and all the other judges say “oh – right!” Um, that’s NOT a compliment.
Project Runway Season 14, Episode 7, joseph, Losing Design
Joseph: His short (for him) black and blue dress made from mouse pads and piped with wire is meh. The wire fringe that hangs past the hem (crotch) of the center of the dress is disturbing. How he does not get shit for that is still mystifying. Either way his dress is another snoozer and the judges have had enough. He’s out.
Memorable Quotes

“The idea of getting into a dumpster is terrifying.” – Lindsey
“We definitely looked like we just stole a bunch of stuff.”   Kelly
“So Tim’s using this word paillette to me and I’m thinking does he want to make me a pie or something?” – Kelly
“It’s a little big-birdish…” – Tim
“My concern for this is that it screams mouse pads.” – Tim
“Marie Claire is pretty sophisticated and that is one thing I am not!”  -Kelly
“Joe’s asking everyone what he should do with this like…dangling vagina wire.” – Candice
“I’m not gonna not win this challenge because a boob is hanging out!” – Kelly
“I think I may win this challenge!” – Swapnil
“I’m praying all the way down the and and all the way back…Please just don’t let it come apart.”   Edmond
“It looks like the wires have been cut…the electricity has been cut off…” – Zac
“It looks like you go behind the TV and there’s a whole bunch of cables…” – Heidi
“It should go back in the garbage.” – Zac
“I thought The Tin man or The Tin man’s girlfriend…in a good way!” – Zac
“The top sort of reminded me of shower tiles, next to a shower curtain bottom… it was feeling very ‘bathroom.'” – Zac
“You need some Swapnil juice.” – Zac
“It’s kind a frumpy-dumpy.” – Heidi
“It’s just not creative enough and this is a challenge about creativity.” – Nina
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– Lauren Dimet Waters
Photos: Lifetime

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