A Preview: The Lafayette 148 New York Sample Sale

lafayette 148 New York Sample Sale Yesterday I was given the chance to preview the Lafayette 148 New York fall sample sale which begins this Thursday, November 13 and runs through Friday, November 14. When I walked off the elevator on the second floor of 148 Lafayette St. my jaw nearly hit the floor as my eyes took in the huge array of racks and clothing before me. There are literally racks and racks of clothing from which to chose. I didn’t know where to begin. Oh that’s not true, I began at the shearling coats and leather items.
Lafayette 148 New York shearling, leather and fur
The first rack I took in. A lot of shearling, leather and fur.
Lafayette 148 New York shearling for the winter.
Specifically this coat…I have been wanting a shearling for the winter.
Lafayette 148 New York leather jackets in every shade of the spectrum...for $200!
But wait! There are leather jackets in every shade of the spectrum…for $200!
capes and ponchos, Lafayette 148 New York
Then there were capes and ponchos which I have been wanting too!
 Lafayette 148 New York Suit jackets only $95.
Suit jackets are only what? $95?
 Lafayette 148 New York cashmere sweaters sample sale
Then again, I can always use a cashmere sweater or two.
 Lafayette 148 New York chunky knit sweaters
and/or a chunky knit sweater.
 Lafayette 148 New York sweater dresses
Then again, the dresses were a great deal. Especially when you consider many of the ones I saw are currently on their website, yet only a fraction of the retail price.
 Lafayette 148 New York cocktail dress
This dress is perfect for a special evening out and for $80? How can you go wrong?
Lafayette 148 New York Sample Sale
This jacket is very Olivia Pope, no? It’s also $95!
Lafayette 148 New York Sample Sale Skirt
I was torn about the skirts. This was my first choice, but it wasn’t my size. Boo.
Now don’t fret. I managed to find a ton of things to try on. In fact, it took a few trips to get my haul into the open fitting area. You can’t be afraid to try clothes on in front of other women when it comes to a sample sale. In fact, you should be thrilled if they provide a mirror. On the flip side, you can make fast friends and ask for opinions and feedback. It’s important to quickly go through your findings and place on specific places on racks (yes, maybe and hell no). Once you have it narrowed down…it gets really hard! Here is what I left with…
Lafayette 148 New York, cashmere sweater, suede legging pants
I fell in love with this blue cashmere sweater and I had to have these suede legging pants!
men's black cashmere zipper cardigan
I picked up this gorgeous men’s black cashmere zipper cardigan for my husband. I figure if he doesn’t wear it, I will! Thankfully the oversized menswear sweater is in!
perfect black cape
I have been looking for the perfect black cape and this one was the ONE. I love the simplicity. Once I tried it on, I knew it had to come home with me.
Cashmere coat
This cashmere coat is perfection personified. I needed a blue coat too. I can never have too many coats and there were some great deals at the sale that were too hard to pass up!
Lafayette 148 New York shearling coat
I thought I might have buyer’s remorse, but I don’t. Since last winter I have been saying I want a new shearling coat (my old one is a mess) and was prepared to spend more, but when I saw this sweet deal…I will now be prepared for that first snowfall!
Lafayette 148 New York Sample Sale · Tops $40-$65 · Bottoms $50 · Dresses $80 · Jackets $95 · Cashmere $60-$250 · Coats $100-$250 · Leather $200 Hours: Thursday, 11/13 9am- 7pm Friday, 11/14 9am – 6pm * I was told they might let people in a little early. Lafayette 148 New York 148 Lafayette St., 2nd Floor Cash, Visa, Master Card and AMEX are accepted.   – Lauren Dimet Waters Photos: Second City Style

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