What Fashion Violation Would You Like to Ticket?

marky mark slouchy pants
Forest Park Illinois Mayor Anthony Calderone introduced an ordinance at a Village Board meeting on Monday to ban sagging pants! The law would amend the “indecent conduct ordinance,” prohibiting wearing pants or shorts falling more than three inches below a person’s hips and exposing that portion of the person’s undergarments, buttocks … or more indecent exposure.
Some people think the police have better things to do with their time but I say “Bravo!” I hate that style and besides, the Marky Mark look is so passé… In fact I would also like to see fines slapped for exposed bra straps, wearing leggings with tops above the derriere, and flip-flops. All should be banned from city streets. (No penalty will be imposed for wearing flip flops on beaches and/or for a limited time following a pedicure.)
For what fashion violation would you love to issue a citation?
– Carol Calacci
Source: Chicago Tribune

7 thoughts on “What Fashion Violation Would You Like to Ticket?”

  1. Oh man, don’t even get me started on sandals with socks… ick! I still see guys wearing them intentionally even though they know it looks terrible. It’s like some sort of ‘athletic cool’ look to them? It seriously needs to stop! -Claire

  2. Jacqueline here – I’m actually fine with leggings as pants – as long as they aren’t too sheer – if you’re questioning it, they are not pants for you. My biggest fashion violations? Crocs, Uggs in most situations, and visible bra straps unless it is purposefully done (e.g. a contrasting bandeau with a loose tank in the summer).

  3. Wait (Lauren here again)! OK, this may not technically be a fashion faux pas, but speaking of leggings…If you are wearing them to workout, what’s the deal with wearing underwear with them? Panty lines while working out is confounding. It makes me want to kill…and I wear underwear with practically everything…but not skintight, compression leggings!


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