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HookedUp Shapewear, Shapewear giveaway
Who wants back-fat? No one I’m sure. Shapewear is brilliant in theory, that is until you put it on and see a bit of spillover (hey, that extra fat/skin has to go somewhere). Ew. That’s why HookedUp Shapewear makes total sense. HookedUp is a groundbreaking shapewear solution that easily hooks up to your favorite bra – any bra! – to eliminate rolling and the discomfort it causes. Simple and revolutionary, HookedUp is the newest evolution in shapewear allowing any woman to step out in confidence and feel comfortable all day long. It’s one of those products you think…“why didn’t I think of it?”
HookedUp How it works
HookedUp How it hooks to bra
Giveaway: Second City Style “hooking” you up and giving one lucky winner one HookedUp Shapewear item of their choice (high waist shaping brief, high waist shaping mid thigh, high waist shaping slip). To enter the giveaway simply submit your details on the form below and we will pick one winner at random at 5pm EST on Friday, November 21, 2014. The winner will be notified by email so please make sure to enter an email address you actually check! *US residents only please.
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Find out more about HookedUp Shapewear here.

5 thoughts on “Giveaway: HookedUp Shapewear”

  1. I personally hate the shapewear when it’s rolls down and expose the body fat but thanks to hooked up shapewear. These shapewear hooks up to any bra easily and provide me comfort for all day long. So, I would recommend it to every women. 🙂

  2. You really think hooked up shapewear works?? I have a doubt. I don’t think they will work as hooks make them messy and uncomfortable.


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