15 Chic and Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Many of our readers have told me they look to Mother’s Day gift guides for inspiration for gifts for mom. So how can I not help out and offer you my ideas? Besides gifts for my mother, I tend to give gifts to my girlfriends, who are also moms. Because, let’s face it, everyone likes to receive a gift and it’s the perfect excuse to make your BFF’s feel loved (I’m thinking more about wine gifts here). Since we are posting this rather late, I would say these picks qualify as last-minute Mother’s Day Gift ideas. At the very least, some of these gifts are unique, some are chic and others are inexpensive. Any way you slice it, we have put together the best Mother’s Day Gift ideas we could, so without further ado….here is our Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019.

Chic and Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


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1. Take My Face Off NM Exclusive Mitty Custom Cleansing Set, $60

Cotton balls, washcloths and facial wipes are so yesterday. They are also environmentally unfriendly. Mitty’s washable wipes are ultra-soft and remove makeup without tugging or aggravating skin. This exclusive multi-piece set comes with clever cleansing tools for each step of her routine. The set includes one Mitty for makeup and mask removal, one for removing eye makeup, a pink one for toner, an adjustable headband, one ounce of organic apricot kernel oil (for nourishing eye makeup removal) and a reusable, zippered bag which is perfect for travel.

2. Moderne Monocle Willow Gold- Magnifier Pendant Necklace, $125

This necklace is a fashionable alternative to reading glasses! It’s the perfect mix of form, function and discretion.

3. Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer, Detangling Comb & Paddle Brush Set, ($464 value) $399

This is the best blow dryer bar none and it usually costs $399 for the dryer alone.  So basically she will get the comb and brush for free.

4. Madison Braids Women’s Halo Two Strand, now $35.95

This braided headband is the perfect bad-hair-day solution. It works like a charm and it comes in a variety of colors to match your hair color.

5. Rosé Piscine, 750ML $18.99

This  rosé was specifically created to be served over ice. Therefore, it’s the ideal wine to drink with friends by the pool or on a boat this summer. It’s also delicious and doesn’t dilute into a watery mess when the ice melts. But then again, who lets the ice melt?

6. Gutsii Prebiotic Dark Swiss Chocolate – Pinksalt Floyd Rocks 12 Piece Box Set, $69.95

Give the gift of gut health. This dark Swiss chocolate has no added sugar and is packed with prebiotics and is an excellent source of dietary fiber for a healthy gut. It’s blended with pink salt and Amaranth too. And guess what? It’s also Keto friendly with low net carbs. But most importantly these chocolate bars taste delicious! They are made with only six natural ingredients that are vegan, gluten free, low or no sugar, low carb and keto friendly.

7. Audio-Technica ATH-SR30BTBK Wireless Over-Ear Headphones, $99

In-ear headphones are so last year. Not only are these wireless over-ear headphones hip, they also say, “I need me time, so scram!”

8. Chateau La Gordonne La Chapelle Cotes de Provence Rosé 2017, Sale $22.97

This exact rosé will be poured at NYC’s 3-Michelin-star-rated restaurant, Le Bernardin, this summer. Enough said.

9. Sara Happ® Sweet Dreams Lip Kit, $64

I always turn to Sara Happ products for soft lips. Not only is it really the only lip care I use anymore, I have turned so many of my friends on to it,so this kit had to make my list. It contains: a full-sized Chamomile Lavender Lip Scrub (0.5 oz.); a treatment that scrubs away dry lips, Sweet Clay Mask (0.47 oz.); a creamy, frosting-like mask that goes on thick and tingly; and my favorite, The Dream Slip (0.5 oz.), which is a deeply replenishing lip treatment that soothes and repairs lips. I can’t go to sleep without it. Moms will love it -any woman will love it.

10. Lulu Dharma Wine Vegan Pret-A-Porter Belt Bag, $68

This belt bag is inspired by the bustling and chic streets of New York and Paris, where women use accessories to make a statement and to be functional. Made of cruelty-free vegan fabric it transforms from a chic, casual hip pack to a stunning designer crossbody handbag. It comes with two adjustable straps (belt and crossbody). She will love it!

11. Eternus Supports Cell Energy For Better Aging, $159 Retail, $79.50 first Shipment

Give the gift of better aging. We are living longer, so why not spend those years thriving? The key is abundant cell energy. Eternus is a comprehensive supplement designed to promote better aging. 38 ingredients are blended to synergistically support the cells’ ability to make more energy so that you can accomplish all that you want to do. More cell energy leads to sounder sleep, increased productivity, better workouts, more capacity to handle stress and an overall whole-system upgrade. If you don’t believe me, read the feedback!

12. Sol de Janeiro Samba Mama Coco Cabana Trio, ($54 value) $42

If you can’t give her a tropical vacation then this kit will do because it smells like the beach! This 3-piece kit contains everything Mom will love: a body cream, hand cream and fragrance mist. The luscious scent of Coco Cabana Cheirosa ’39 is blended with notes of toasted coconut, creamy caramel and buttery praline. It’s totally addicting, and the creams themselves are some of my favorites.

13. Cluffy Lux Step® Insole, $79.95

These insoles are like no other! After years of walking in heels, she is going to LOVE you for this gift! Lux Step® was designed to get to the root to provide true long-lasting relief from heel and arch pain . They are, without a doubt, the most comfortable insole I have ever worn. And, trust me, I sneak them into almost all of my shoes now.

14. Coco + Carmen “Haute Mama” Tee, $32

This super soft tee pretty much says it all! It’s cut to flatter, with longer short sleeves and extra length in back. Sweet!

15. Pommery Brut Rosé Champagne (750ml), $52.98

These insoles are like no other! After years of walking in heels, she is going to LOVE you for this gift! Lux Step® was designed to get to the root to provide true long-lasting relief from heel and arch pain . They are, without a doubt, the most comfortable insole I have ever worn. And, trust me, I sneak them into almost all of my shoes now.

I hope you found several gifts in our Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019 to give to your mother and to all the moms in your life.

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