12 Anti-Aging Must-Haves For Dry Winter Skin!

Is living in a winter wonderland taking a toll on your skin and hair? I don’t mind looking at snow, but as I age I am resenting the effects frigid cold weather has on my skin more and more. It takes a village (of products) to keep my skin from freaking out! Luckily, it is possible to have gorgeous skin and hair using these 12 anti-aging must-haves for dry winter skin!

Anti-Aging Must-Haves For Dry Winter Skin Babo Botanicals Hydrating Stick

Babo Botanicals Fragrance Free All Natural Hydrating Stick for Dry and Eczema-Prone Skin, $12.95


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This hydrating balm stays in my makeup bag at all times now. It was specifically created for dry skin relief and is 100% natural containing medical grade colloidal oatmeal for immediate dry skin relief. It relieves and soothes flare ups, irritation, itchiness from bug bites and rashes. It’s also fabulous for dry lips and since it’s preservative and mineral oil free it’s safe for your kids too!

Anti-Aging Must-Haves For Dry Winter Skin Feather & Bone Face Wash Tabs

Feather & Bone Face Wash Tabs, $7.99/10 gems

These gentle portion controlled cleansing tabs are genius! Now you don’t have to worry if you are using too much or too little. One tab is for one wash. Face Gems are made of three natural ingredients (clay, sandalwood & starch). There are no additives, mineral oils parabans or animal products. It is an entirely pure and clean product that will leave your face soft.

Anti-Aging Must-Haves For Dry Winter Skin Alba Botanica

Alba Botanica™ Hawaiian Marula Miracle Moisture Leave-in Conditioner, $7.19

I try to blow dry my hair as little as possible since I color the hell out of it. I can’t live without this leave-in conditioner. It literally makes my hair soft and shiny, even when I wear it air dried.

Anti-Aging Must-Haves For Dry Winter Skin teds palm cream product shot

Ted’s Pain Cream, $19

OK, so technically this is not for dry skin, but it does help with pain which I find I get when it’s super cold. It’s a non-numbing, non-burning, natural pain cream that actually works! It magically resets your nerves to their pre-injury state, eliminating false pain, while allowing important, true pain signals to still make it through. This one stays in my bag at all times too.

Anti-Aging Must-Haves For Dry Winter Skin snow fox mask

Snow Fox Arctic Breeze Cooling Detox Mask, $30

The name kinda says it all. If your skin is looking dull and worse for wear try these 100% cotton single-use sheet masks. They will hydrate, brighten and detox your skin in 20 minutes.

Anti-Aging Must-Haves For Dry Winter Skin pevonia

Pevonia Botanica Dry Skin Cleanser, $32

Your facial skin will love you for this spa-quality dry skin cleanser. It contains hazel nut & rose essential oil combined with other ingredients to remove makeup and impurities buried deep within your skin without stripping it. It leaves your skin clean, hydrated and soft.

Anti-Aging Must-Haves For Dry Winter Skin sunshine botanicals

Sunshine Botanicals Rapid Repair Balm, $38

I love this product so much (the whole line actually) I can’t live without it. It’s a potent, multi-use, botanical topical ointment that repairs everything from wounds to scars. It also soothes extremely dry skin, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and chronic dryness. I use it on dry patches anywhere they pop up. It’s truly the balm (sorry)!

Anti-Aging Must-Haves For Dry Winter Skin Curel Hydra Therapy

Curel Hydra Therapy, $7.96

Bet you thought I was going to recommend coconut oil in the shower right? Well I do use that to shave my legs but I am addicted to this moisturizer you use in the shower! It’s activated by water on freshly-showered skin to deeply penetrate into the skin’s surface and lock in moisture. I use it just before I hop out. And in the winter I still use lotion! Oh and make sure you don’t take hot, hot showers. As good as they may feel, they dry the hell our of your skin.

Anti-Aging Must-Haves For Dry Winter Skin CeraVe

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream with Pump, $13.87

I adore this thick cream because it penetrates deeply into the layers of the skin barrier to restore the balance to severally dry skin. I even use it on my children.

Anti-Aging Must-Haves For Dry Winter Skin Jurlique Cream

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Cream, $60

This powerful facial moisturizer targets the appearance of fine lines and dullness to deeply hydrate skin and rejuvenate its youthful glow. It’s a blend of over 18 botanicals. The star ingredient is Japanese cedar bud extract which helps restore a visibly younger-looking complexion. Its smoothing effect reduces the appearance of fine lines and leaves skin feeling softer, more supple, and looking visibly glowing.

Anti-Aging Must-Haves For Dry Winter Skin Frownies

Frownies Rose Water Hydrator, $13.96

Turn that frownie upside down! Sometimes a mist does the trick. This rose water formulated from essential oil of rose plumps fine lines and wrinkles. Use it any time a warm dry environment threatens to dehydrate and age your skin.

Anti-Aging Must-Haves For Dry Winter Skin Scentbird Rose & Prosecco Hand Cream

I not only love the way this hand cram smells (OMG, it’s heaven) it really moisturizes and softens your hands. It contains rosehip oil, vitamins A + E infused oils and soothing aloe leaf. I have on on my desk and keep another in my bag. I am putting hand cream on all day long.


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Disclosure: Some products were received for review but opinions are my own.Others I bought myself because I love them.

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