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Layer It On – Your Jean Jacket That Is!


Everyone has a classic jean jacket, right? Great! What? You didn't keep your jean jacket? Well don't worry because there are plenty available to shop this fall, and they offer the endless styling options. I noticed how they layered the same basic jean jacket at Zara in several different ways. This inspired me with ideas for styling women over 40! I love layers because we get to hide our body flaws underneath them!...

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Celebrity Style Steal: Heidi Klum Makes Us Want This Sweater!


Nothing says fall like a chunky oversized sweater. Supermodel Heidi Klum demonstrates how to take this piece from frumpy to fab! When you have statement pieces like an oversized sweater or a printed coat it is best to keep everything else very simple. Start with a basic tee like this one by Madewell. You know you will wear a t-shirt like this one over and over again with other outfits. Distressed jean are still an essential for the fall season. This medium wash J Brand pair has just enough distressed detailing and a cropped leg (another trend this season) making them ideal to wear with booties, flats and sneakers! Something about an oversized sweater makes any woman warm and comforted....

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An Officer & A Gentle Woman: The Embellished Military Jacket Trend


I don't know about you, but I have been noticing embellished military jackets everywhere. Some are embroidered some have appliques and some have both. Yes I know. I thought I am too old for this trend as well. Maybe I am, but I really don't care. Neither should you. If it's good enough for Valentino to sell for a few grand, it's got to be good enough for me and you to wear. Besides, how many 25 year-olds can afford a $3,000 military jacket anyway? Not too many I assure you. Actually even if I can, I certainly do not want to spend that much on something so trendy and most likely only good for one season. I'd rather...

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Runway To Real Way: It’s Black And White – Fall is Finally Here!


The first nips of fall are in the air! And while the weather may still be confused as to what season it is some days (80 degrees in October!), it's pretty "black and white" fall fashion has officially arrived. That's why we saw no better way to usher in the season than by showcasing some of our favorite Fall 2016 runway trends with one of our all time favorite color combos....

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The Skirt Trend We LOVE For Fall


You probably think you outgrew ruffled skirts, but I ask you to give them another look. Well the 2016 version that is. Ruffles are everywhere this fall and I particularly love them on skirts. But that doesn't mean you should grab that old ruffle hemmed pencil skirt that's been sitting in the back of your closet since 2003. No. The modern version you want this season is a ruffle anywhere BUT the hem. Look for asymmetrical cuts, ruffles on the sides, layered ruffles and well...

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Looks for Less: Druzy and Quartz Autumn Baubles


Recently, I’ve been wearing a lot of jewelry featuring natural stones, like druzy, geode or quartz, and I’ve always loved opal. I adore the way it looks with different metals and they always seem to match other jewelry styles when worn together. The subtle sparkle and the way the color of many pieces changes in various lighting is always so unique. Beautiful baubles like these tend to catch people’s eyes and garner many compliments...

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The 12 Best Facial Cleansers For Aging And/Or Sensitive Skin


I have often been asked, "what is your favorite daily facial cleanser?" This is a complicated question for me to answer since I try so many. However, there are some that are clearly better than others. Now that I'm well into my 40's I care about anti-aging benefits and don't want a daily facial cleaner that strips my skin, but I do want one that removes all traces of makeup and deeply cleans my pores. (I ask a lot, I know). I also have sensitive skin so I prefer gentle cleansers. I am of the belief you should not skimp on skincare products. So I don't mention a lot of drugstore options, but many of these cleansers come in under...

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