Zara Unveils Balmain-Like Limited Edition Sandal

The Balmain-esque "Zara 1000 Numbered Edition" Sandal

After the serious sandal hysteria that shook the fashion world this past summer, many figured it would die down as boots weather kicked in and we had to start hiding our pretty little piggies. Not only is that no longer the case but fast fashion chain Zara has now made the style more available than ever. But is it still worth it? The retailer announced it would be releasing the "Zara 1000 Numbered Edition" sandals, it's own version of the strappy, embellished style that Balmain had made so popular.

The limited edition sandal comes with a serial number on its sole and arrives in a specially designed box. The shoes will only be sold in 45 Zara boutiques, which the retailer is trying to use to create a stir similar to the one caused by the JImmy Choo for H&M collection. An official statement from the store on the shoes states, "With only 1,000 made, the '1000 NUMBERED Edition' sandal, as the style is dubbed, is available for purchase now. However, shoe lovers everywhere will have to battle it out for a chance to own a pair, making it all the more enticing to compete." 


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While it's doubtful that the shoes will cause a similar amount of Jimmy Choo for H&M type of hysteria, the shoes do posses one similarity to the high end diffusion line: the price. The sandals retail for $229, a price point far higher than the other items in the store. But as unreasonable as it seems, the combination of pricey (which lends the idea of luxury) with limited supply (which lends the idea of exclusivity) will undoubtedly translate to sales.

Article and Photo Source: Racked NY

-Alia Rajput

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