More Details on Lindsay Lohan’s Fall 2010 Apparel Addition


Yesterday you read that the Lindsay Lohan will now throw clothing into her leggings line, 6126. We have the sketches here that show off her vests, bustiers, tight dresses and of course leggings. The fabrics will include the Modal and lace used in the leggings, along with cashmere and leather.

I don’t know about you, but my eyes simply glaze over the page without widening. These looks already exist and are nothing out of the ordinary. If I were grading the clothing for originality and pizazz, I would probably give it a C-.  


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Are any of you a fan of Ed Hardy? I would hope not; however, the man who is manufacturing the line is Henri Levy, chief executive officer of DNAM Apparel, which manufactures Ed Hardy as well. Great!

The line will consist of 100 pieces (in spring 2011 it will be 150) with an average price range from $100 to $150, but could go as high as $300 for a leather jacket. The basic leggings would be $18 and her leggings in the 6126 line currently cost from $68 to $120. The line will retail at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, and Nordstrom.

Lohan isn’t stopping just yet! She plans to expand this line with cosmetics, handbags, shoes and jewelry in 2011.

Source: WWD

Photo Source: WWD

-Heather Youkhana


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  1. It’s everything that you would expect Lindsay Lohan to dish out. A bit too predictable in my opinion. I would have loved to see her create or even wear some Urban Street Clothing. That would have been a lot different, and shocking for some people.


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