Bad Judgement Du Jour. J.Lo's Questionable, Crystallized NYE Catsuit

Jennifer Lopez and the scary sheer catsuit on NYE

In lieu of an appropriate WTF last week due to the holidays, I would like to offer up a scrumptious tidbit of bad fashion judgment as my apology. J. Lo's cringe-worthy choice of a NYE outfit caused mixed reactions to ripple throughout the audience of her Times Square performance. The 41 year old mother of two first showed up in a Margiela-like, long hair coat which she quickly shed to reveal a sheer, (almost) skintight, crystal-encrusted bodysuit. The result had people gasping, but for different reasons. Some ogled at her "still slim after twins" figure, lauding the singer for her well-toned shape. Ryan Seacrest even said the ensemble, "made my year." Others thought her famously prominent posterior looked surprisingly small in the body-hugging catsuit. And still others, the camp that I'm claiming to belong to, were wondering what the heck she was thinking.

Diana Ross during a Central Park concert in 1983

New York Daily News compared the J.Lo catsuit to a similar outfit Diana Ross wore back in the 80s, but it looks like Ross actually pulls it off better. Lopez's catsuit is just ill-fitting—it bunches and folds making it appear like her skin in bunching into what the media is calling "elephant skin." And whether she's still bootylicious or not, it's just not flattering. The weird fabric makes her appear androgynous alien-like. And in addition to the elephant, there's another animal she seems to be channeling as well. Like the camel.


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But it's the beginning of a new year and we are all in a forgiving mood as we set our sights forward and our hopes high for the fashion of 2010. This was just a tiny blip on the radar to make sure we were paying attention, right?

Article Source: NYDN
Photo Source: NYDN, NY Mag
-Alia Rajput

3 thoughts on “Bad Judgement Du Jour. J.Lo's Questionable, Crystallized NYE Catsuit”

  1. I thought it was very inappropriate… I mean really.. what happend to families watching ?
    that was definitely not the time..
    someone’s grandpa sure did get a kick though :O

  2. Now THAT is freaking hysterical! She needs to get over herself. She ain’t all that. Hello…you are 41 now. Get a grip.

  3. I heard she wore a maxi dress to a recent football game? WTF? She is totally inappropriate! Good for comic relief though.


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