Hair Accessories. My Latest Obsession: ZannClips


I have pretty thick hair. Some would say it's a blessing and it is, except when I want to pull it back into a cute, messy chignon. Most barrettes and clips don't hold my hair and I am left to envy those women who just seem to pull their hair back effortlessly. That was until I recently tried the ZannClip (or Spyraclip).



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This ingenious bendy clip not only holds all of my hair, it is easy to use, it doesn't hurt even after hours of wear, and thankfully does not leave an unsightly indentation mark should you decide to wear your hair down later. The clips come in three sizes (so even those with normal amounts of hair can share the joy) and a myriad of finishes like 24k gold plate, platinum plate, really…every color you can think of. ZannClips are currently sold at Barneys NY and on their site which also hosts an instruction video to teach you how to use your new clip.

I have not gone a day without using my ZannClip since it arrived last week. I'm obsessed. Try it and I swear you will love it as much as I do!That it arrived with a Tootsie Roll also won me over…I will not tell a lie.

Visit ZannClips to purchase ($21-23)

– Lauren Dimet Waters

3 thoughts on “Hair Accessories. My Latest Obsession: ZannClips”

  1. These are great! I’ve had one in platinum for years! Got it at Barneys, did not know they came in other colors and sizes! YAY!

  2. Oh! this ingenious bendy clip was really cool. I think many will get interested about this, but before that happen I want to have my own ingenious bendy clip. This is my gift for my self as well. Thanks for posting.


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