YogaEarth Balance and Vitality: Before & After Workouts

YogaEarth’s Balance (pre-activity) and Vitality (post-activity) were designed in partnership with 250 of the country’s most experienced yoga teachers, to support optimal energy balance and well-being, whatever your physical practice.
I wanted to try this product because I have been taking Taekwondo classes after a full day of work…usually 10 hours. The class is rather late in the evenings at 7:45 pm, so  I need a “boost” before the class and wanted to see if a supplement would help. These supplements come in handy packets in powder form that you simply dissolve into 2-6 ounces of water, juice, tea, smoothie, or even yogurt. The Balance supplement is actually quite tasty.
It seems to do the trick, gives me more stamina and and is an easy way to get some nutrients. I don’t like to eat a lot before class so this was a perfect solution to keep me from getting hungry. The Vitality supplement is a little more “natural” – it’s a green tea or grass color, and not as appealing to me as Balance which is a berry flavor, but it is a good way to get in even more protein and minerals for recovery. It also stops me from grabbing for the wrong foods, or eating too much after the class.
You can also use the products any time, or at the same time, too!
Benefits of YogaEarth’s products include:
Balance Pre-Practice “Prepare & Perform”
·      Aids digestion
·      Increases endurance and stamina
·      Focus and cognitive function
·      Electrolyte preload for prevention muscle cramping and weakness
·      Detoxifies skin and cleans pores
Vitality Post-Practice: “Recover & Regenerate”
·      Sustainable cellular energy and fat metabolism post-workout
·      Flexibility and joint strength
·      Macro replenishment synergy
·      Rebuilds and protects skin
·      Electrolyte recovery post-workout
About YogaEarth
YogaEarth is the convenient one-a-day all natural holistic powder drink mix that combines the world’s finest organics, amino acids, herbals, phytonutrients, Ayervedics and macrominerals for optimal health and performance both in your yoga practice and life. YogaEarth is a privately-held company founded in 2008 in Venice, CA. Combining the ancient wisdom of the East with the cutting-edge science of the West, YogaEarth has developed efficacious supplements to enhance life-performance and total well-being.
Find out more about YogaEarth Balance and Vitality.

—Carol Calacci
FTC Disclosure: Product sample received for review.

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