How To Wear Stripes & NOT Look Fat

Ah, the unforgivable stripe trend. As much as I love stripes I think they make me (and most who wear them) look larger than life. Who wants that? I know I don’t. So my closet is pretty much void of all stripes. However, if you are crazy about this particular trend which seems to come full circle every few years, there is a way to wear it and still look slim. Seriously. Here’s how:
One way to consider wearing stripes is to look for a chevron print as shown in look #1. The pattern visually tricks the eye to move toward the center making you appear possibly even slimmer than you already are. Bonus! Or consider a zig-zag stripe (as shown in look #3) which again tricks the eye as it seems to have no start or end point. I personally like a tone-on-tone horizontal stripe as shown in look #2.
What stripes should you avoid? Obviously horizontal stripes are going to make you appear wide. Stick with the vertical variety which makes the eye move up and down rather than side to side. Also, avoid a striped maxi dress or skirt at all costs. I can never understand why anybody would ever chose to look like a striped blob from head-to-toe. You can literally see a striped maxi coming at you a mile away. Like a beacon. You need to break up the print so whether you chose to show some leg or pair a stripe top with a solid bottom (or visa versa) you will look much leaner (as in looks #5 and #8). Or if you are like me and would prefer to tread lightly…try a striped shoe or bag (#10). Less commitment.
Here are 10 examples of the types of stripes mentioned above that we are totally loving right now:
1. Milly Chevron Striped Knit Dress, $295
2. Candela Bianca Sequined Dress, $263.24
3. Ali Ro Asymmetric Border Dress, $206
4. Shoreline-Stripe Dress, $49.99
5. Striped Sahara Sunset Blouse, $69.50
6. BCBGMAXAZARIA Stripe Knit Sheath Dress, $148
7. Milly Maderia Zebra Stripe Silk Dress, $325
8. Nanette Lepore Savage Girl Skirt, $248
9. Lauren By Ralph Lauren Shorts, Jodie Striped Bermuda, $59.99
10. The Endless Summer Espadrille, $168
– Lauren Dimet Waters
Image Layout: Molly Murphy

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