The Perfect Workout Outfit for Women Over 50 for The New Year

It’s the start of a new year, and after all of the holiday fun, eating and laziness, it’s now time to get back to your fitness routine. I applaud those of you who didn’t let the holidays get in the way, but I am not in that category! However, when I did go back to the gym a few days ago, I realized my athletic wear is not up to par and needs an update. Besides, I did not want another excuse (like my outfit) to get between me and the fitness club. That’s why I put together this workout outfit for women over 50. The right workout apparel always inspires me to get to the gym, and perhaps this it help you too.

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Workout Outfit for Women Over 50

If you have money to burn, you can get the high-end version of this outfit (on the left). But for most of us who are on a budget, I also styled the same look at a lower price (on the right). Take your pick of which pieces you like! Sometimes it makes sense to splurge on a designer piece because of the quality. The fabric is more durable and the fit and styling of high-end fashion is supreme. But in some cases you may like a low-priced (usually less exciting) piece just as well. And after all, these are workout clothes, so you may not feel you need to dress to impress. But why not always be stylish?


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5 Workout Pieces Styled High and Low

This outfit consists of 5 pieces: a performance jacket, an athletic tank top, black flare leggings, a long puffer coat, and fun sneakers. This look will help to get you out the door and into the gym in the new year!

The Zip Front Performance Jacket

A lightweight workout jacket that you can easily remove when you work up a sweat is essential. Choose something functional in a chic color like this Lululemon Define hooded paneled Nulu jacket for $128 in light lavender. It’s well worth the price but you can save almost $100 with this 90 Degree By Reflex Altitude Full Zip Performance Jacket from Nordstrom Rack for only $29.97

The Bright Colored Tank

I find it comfortable to wear a sporty tank top over a sports bra when I work out. Choose a fun color that doesn’t necessarily “go with” your performance jacket like this The Upside Frankie Ribbed Cotton-Jersey Tank for $59.99. What? You don’t want to spend $60 on a tank top (even if it is pretty cool-looking)? Well you can pick up this Under Armour HeatGear® Armour Racer Tank in a similar orangeaid (a new trending color for spring 2024) for $25.

The Black Flare Workout Pants

I had flare workout pants about 20 years ago and now I want a new pair! They look fresh to me once again and they are flattering for women over 50, or for any age. Flare bottoms balance off your legs and can hide bumps and bulges around the knees. And today’s flare leggings (I will not call them “yoga pants”) have a higher waistband and are made of fabrics that offer more support. These Bandier Center Stage High Waist Flare Leggings for $120 are ideal, or you can save some cash with these similar Zella Studio Luxe High Waist Flare Pants for $79.

The Warm Puffer Coat

This is a coat you need if you live in parts of the country (like I do) where it gets cold and snowy in winter. A long warm black puffer coat will get you to and from your fitness club or class whether you commute in a big city or drive down the street in a suburb in a freezing cold car! A short coat is not warm enough in either case. A great investment would be this stylish and super warm and luxurious Moncler Alastore Down Puffer Coat for $2,355. I adore the cinching drawcord waist and its quilted styling. But if you are looking for something you won’t have to worry about, this Sam Edleman Hooded Bib Puffer Coat is only $200, and it’s machine washable.

Pop of Bright Color Sneakers

I’m loving these neon colored Valentino Garavani XL One Stud Low Top Sneakers for $1,150. These are actually men’s shoes and they come in hot Valentino pink, too! Can women wear men’s shoes? If you wear a size 9 or larger and don’t have a narrow foot, you probably can. Read more about men’s shoes for women here. These sneakers make quite a statement and are quite collectible. They will look fabulous beyond the gym with jeans, black pants or even a t-shirt dress. However if you don’t have $1,150 to spend on sneakers, these Skechers Uno-Night Shades Sneakers (for women) have you covered for only $70. I know, you wanted that one rock stud on your sneakers, but just think of how much you will save.

Shop The Perfect Workout Outfit for Women Over 50


Lululemon Define Hooded Paneled Nulu Jacket, $128

The Upside Frankie Ribbed Cotton-Jersey Tank, $59.99

Bandier Center Stage High Waist Flare Leggings, $120

Moncler Alastore Down Puffer Coat, $2,355

Valentino Garavani XL One Stud Low Top Sneaker (Men), $1,150

Total high-end outfit: $3,812.99


90 Degree By Reflex Altitude Full Zip Performance Jacket, $29.97

Under Armour(US) Women’s HeatGear® Armour Racer Tank, $25

Zella Studio Luxe High Waist Flare Pants, $79

Sam Edleman Hooded Bib Puffer Coat, $200

Skechers Uno-Night Shades Sneaker, $70

Total low-priced outfit: $403.97

Do you need a new workout outfit? Would you style it high or low?

Carol Calacci

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