Winter Vests: Love Them, Hate Them or Simply Just Not That Into Them?

One oddly polarizing piece of apparel we seem to come across every fall and winter is the puffy or sporty vest. While they can be chic (in our opinion) and definitely practical, especially if you pick up a heated version (Lauren loves hers), the warmer vests for women tend to be more utilitarian in style and the cute ones don’t exactly add any extra protection from the cold (even if you look great). 

Versatile Winter Vests You Will Love

Plus there is the association with “bros” of various types or the “basic” stereotype of wearing a vest and leggings, Ugg boots, and perhaps now a Stanley cup. However vests – puffy or not – can be a lot more versatile than that! From fur-trimmed to vests to cozy belted knits, there’s a vest for every style. And some of them are super flattering or even downright chic. 

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Best Vests For Women To Wear Right Now

If you are “team vest”, here are some of our favorite vests right now. And if you’ve never really tried them out, why not start now! Vests can be the perfect thing to wear when it’s too warm for a full on coat or sweater but not quite t-shirt weather. 

Utility Vests lululemon brown fountainof30Utility Vests

This might be the hardest type of vest to get right, but once you find the right one you’ll end up wondering how you survived without it (for casual wear, at least). The key is to find one that cinches at the waist, with well-placed pockets that don’t add unnecessary bulk, like this Lululemon vest. 

Furry Vest black faux chevron fountainof30

Furry Vests

We love a good faux fur, so naturally we’re fans of a furry or fur-trimmed vest. Throw one over anything and instantly increase the glamour quotient of any outfit. We’re into the old school feel of this Adrienne Landau chevron faux fur vest that would work with anything from jeans or leggings to dressier looks. 

classic puifer vest black and white fountainof30

Classic Puffer Vests

Keep the look clean by going for one with interesting details like this puffer vest from Blanc Noir, and keep the rest of your ensemble super simple and put together to avoid the basic or bro references.

athleisure vest pink fountainof30

Athleisure Vests

Vests designed for running or other outdoor workouts can be a sleeker, sportier alternative to the previously mentioned styles. This vest by Calia comes in a pretty pastel lavender that would be great for early spring and has a nicely nipped-in waist, so it wouldn’t add bulk where most of us don’t want it. 

Belted Vests for women teddy fontainof30

Belted Vests

Imagine your favorite robe or cozy cardigan, but with a sharper cut and no sleeves. This Calvin Klein teddy bear vest is a great example, and the belt plus the high collar keeps you from looking too much like an actual teddy bear. 

Long Line Vests black puffer fountainof30

Long Line Vests

A longer vest can be a great way to stay warm along with creating an interesting silhouette. This Avilego version available on Amazon is a great option. The length makes it stand out and the hood might come in handy for all kinds of weather situations. 

Shop Chic Winter Vests For Women

(Pictured above from top to bottom)

lululemon StretchSeal Waterproof Down-Filled Vest, now $169

Adrienne Landau Faux Fur Vest, $395

Blanc Nior Elongated Puffer Vest – Special Price, $159

CALIA Women’s Cold Dash Run Vest, now $68.60

Calvin Klein Faux Fur Belted Vest, now $89.99

Avilego Women’s Hooded Long Down Vest Full-Zip Sleeveless Puffer Vest Fashionable Coats Jacket, $65.99

Do you love or hate vests? Or are you somewhere in between? Do you rock the puffer vest all winter or would you rather go more luxe in something cashmere or fur-trimmed? How about vests in warmer weather?

–Jacqueline Zenn

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