Why I Love Equinox Lincoln Park

I have lived in Chicago for almost 30 years and am familiar with most of the clubs in town. I was a member at a neighborhood athletic club for many years and also had the opportunity to be a guest at some of the fanciest, coolest and clubbiest fitness clubs in town. I can say from experience that Equinox Lincoln Park is the perfect urban fitness club. It’s beautiful, lofty, clean, has free parking (very important) and the staff is friendly and helpful (they did not know I was taking notes, either!). Equinox has just the right of combination of function, cutting edge and luxury.
What’s most important to me are the classes. I will work out on a machine if I have to, but what really whips me into shape are classes scheduled at a certain time (so I can be held accountable) with direction by instructors who will keep on me. All of the instructors at Equinox Lincoln Park are amazing, energetic and add a touch of humor to strenuous workouts, which is not always easy. The variety of classes are bar none and I have learned to use and adore the (MYEQ) Equinox app! You can see who’s teaching a class, at what time and find out more about the intensity of the class. Classes include cardio and strength, fitness, yoga, pilates, studio cycling and boxing/martial arts. I plan to try them all!

MYEQ – The Equinox App

Equinox Gold Coast

The Shop at Equinox is fantastic! They carry Splendid, Nike, RLX, Orange Label by Equinox and more! And it is open to the pubic.

Equinox Lincoln Park Yoga

Equinox Eucalyptus towels are always available

Equinox_Lincoln Park Spa
Equinox Lincoln Park Spa

Kiehl’s skin care, hair care and lotion in the Locker Rooms at Equinox Fitness Clubs!

The Spa at Equinox (Mark Silva Photo)

Equinox Locker Room

Equinox Lincoln Park Membership Kit

Equinox Lincoln Park is $133 a month, Equinox Gold Coast is $142, or you can get an All Access Fitness membership for $188 to access all Equinox Fitness clubs in the Chicago area and all across the nation, excluding Century City, West LA, Irvine and Printing House. That’s a fantastic deal if you travel.
Find out more about Equinox Fitness Clubs in Chicago. Check out their blog called Q! It will inspire you to get in shape.
Visit Equinox Lincoln Park, 1750 North Clark Street Chicago IL 60614 , PHONE:312.254.4000
– Carol Calacci
Disclosure: Membership provided for review but the opinions expressed are my own.
Photos: Equinox, Mark Silva and Second City Style

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