Trend To Try: Tunic Dressing

A few months ago Carol wrote a post on How to Wear Pants Under Your Dress. At first I thought she was nuts, because I hated the jeans under dresses trend that was popular about 7 years ago. Then I realized she meant tunic dresses and I have to admit, the idea has grown on me. Today’s version is more minimalist modern than 70’s. Well if you pair the tunic dress with flared pants (which Carol likes) it could be rather 70’s but I myself like a skinnier cut. The top/dress can be a shirt or sweater that hits anywhere from just above the knee (perfect option for that sweater dress you feel is a tad too short) to a few inches above the ankles. Optimally the pants should be pants, not jeans or leggings. They can be cropped, straight leg or if you prefer (like Carol) flared. Stay away from wide-legged pants unless you are a tall toothpick. Shoes depend on the cut of the pant. All look good with pointy-toe pumps, so those are your safest bet or if you’re like me, a pointy-toe flat. Here are some tunic dresses for consideration:
-Lauren Dimet Waters Here are some options for pants:

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