Top 10 Spring 2019 Fashion Trends You Need To Avoid

Now that we found some of the best fashion trends from Spring ’19, it’s time to point out the runway looks women over 40 should avoid. This was not a difficult task. Many of these looks jumped right out at me and everyone else for that matter! I realize the runway provides a show, and spring involves beachwear and showing more skin, but there is still no excuse! Take a look at my top 10 spring 2019 fashion trends you need to avoid when you’re over 40. In fact, even women in their 20s shouldn’t wear most of these trends because they are that bad.

So sit back and laugh, you may even cry (because it’s fun for the whole family)! In all seriousness, you’ll be happy no one will ever see you see you in any of these spring fashion week trends. (Please note: these photos are not retouched. Really, I couldn’t even make this up!)

10 Spring 2019 Fashion Trends You Need To Avoid When You’re Over 40

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1. Sheer Skirts and Bottoms

This stood out to me as the number one trend to avoid for spring 2019. Sheer skirts, dresses and pants took their place on the spring ’19 fashion week runways. And that is probably the only place besides a beach or the bedroom where they belong. For one, why would you want to reveal your underpants or so much leg? The Little House on the Prairie dress on the left from John Galliano is horrid (I know, consider the source) and I’m simply speechless about the hat. The middle look from Altuzarra is like ladies who lunch, but with a sheer skirt? And I’m sorry Armani, I know women over 40 like pants but not sheer ones that highlight their knees!

Spring 2019 Fashion Trends to avoid mesh and fringe

2. Crochet, Mesh and Fishnet

Not all crochet, mesh and fishnet are wrong for women over 40, but some of the more overblown looks from spring fashion week went too far with this trend. This bright yellow oversized open weave look from Sonia Rykiel simply would not flatter anyone over 40, and many way under 40 for that matter. It looks like a football player (perhaps from the Steelers?) collided with a flamenco dancer.

mirror metallic what to not wear Spring 2019

3. Mirror Metallic Fabric

The mirror metallic fabric on the spring runways like this one at Milly reminded me too much of those thermal blankets they throw over the runners shoulders after a marathon. If you are old enough to remember the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz, then you won’t want to look like him when you walk down the street.

what not to wear spring 2019 hip cutout dress Marni

4. Hip Cut Outs

Just no, no, no for women over 40. Maybe this look from the spring Marni runway can be worn as a beach cover up? Still, no! Cut it out designers. This look is not hip!

Spring 2019 Fashion Trends You Need To Avoid rainbow tie dye

5. Rainbow Tie Dye

This is a case of a trend that comes back again and again, but basically for the young who have never seen it before. Women over 40 no longer say “cool” when they see rainbow tie dye. Tie-dye can work in muted or mono-colored shades for spring 2019, but not in every crayon color of the rainbow like this look at R-13 from spring fashion week.

neon colors Spring 2019 Fashion Trends

6. Neon Colors

There were gorgeous bright colors on the spring fashion week runway, and I’m all for color in springtime, but Day-Glo and neon colors are best in small doses for women over 40. Perhaps a stripe here and there so a car won’t run you over. Don’t go head-to-toe neon, like this look from Emporio Armani (yep, there are those sheer pants again).

Spring 2019 Fashion Trends To Avoid high slit skirts

7. High Slit Skirts and Dresses

Women over 40 do need slits on skirts and dresses to help them move and to reveal their legs in a flattering way. This high cut slit on this skirt on the spring runway at Calvin Klein “won’t cut it” for most women, especially with a rubber wetsuit, a wool cap, and dripping wet hair.

what not to wear lingerie dress

8. Lingerie Dressing

Some of the looks on the spring runway seriously looked like lingerie collections. Especially dresses like this one at Stella McCartney! Stellaaa! Don’t let women wear this out on the street!

Spring 2019 Fashion Trends big goggle sunglasses

9. Big Goggle Sunglasses

These Darth Vader-esque goggles may be kind of cool on young people, but you will look like you had cataract surgery when you are older! Or perhaps on your way to Comic-Con. Sure we want to hide and protect our eyes, but these oversize shades from the Tom Ford, Gucci, and Dior spring fashion week runways are just crazy.

bike shorts avoid when over 40

10. Bike Shorts

OK, so many of us didn’t even like wearing these shorts to the gym when they were in style, or even for sports biking. So now why would we want to walk around in a horribly unflattering shorts like this to actually go somewhere in public like this look from Fendi? I guess they are meant only for those few who can look good in them, which is not most of us, and even less of us who are over 40!

Did you see any other Spring 2019 fashion trends your need to avoid when your over 40?

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Photos: NYMag, InStyle


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  1. Pretty much planning on wearing neon. I like the yellow mesh dress too. if I had it, you would bet I would wear it with some great white sneakers. Age be damned.


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