I’m Obsessed With Wide Leg Crop Pants…Now How Do I Wear Them?

Lately I’ve been obsessed with wide leg crop pants because they are comfortable and the fit is super-flattering. They accentuate your waist and can hide a multitude of lower body flaws. So I bought a few pairs, one in black and one in denim. But at 5’4” am I too short to wear them? And then add on the age-old question, “What shoes do I wear with them?”

So I did what I often do, and I went online to consult my favorite site to find sophisticated styling, Net-A-Porter. Their looks are beautifully styled as well as age appropriate for women over 40. Yes, they are composed of high-end designer fashion that many women over 40 may be able to afford, but you can use their looks as inspiration to style with pieces you may already own. I entered the keywords “wide leg crop pants” and a wide variety popped up. There were super wide, and narrow cuts, baggy and slim fitted, with some cropped short and many longer (just above the ankle). I was thrilled to see longer lengths shown on the super tall models because that is how these pants look on (the much shorter) me. I won’t even have to hem them!

wide leg crop pants with sandals Theory Henriet stretch-knit culottes


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wide leg crop pants with mules Monse Cropped cotton-blend gabardine

Next, what about the shoes? Well the good news is many different styles of shoes work with wide leg crop pants. Of course I do have my favorites! For summer to fall I prefer flat sandals or closed toe mules. The mules or slides may have any heel height, too. You can decide!

wide leg crop pants with pumps Racil Charlie cropped wool-piqué

Simple high heel pumps work perfectly well, and interesting ankle straps look amazing with cropped pants too. Make sure the crop pant is a few inches about the ankle strap. Just style wider leg crop pants or culottes as you would a midi skirt when it comes to your shoes.

wide leg crop pants Helmut Lang Striped woven straight-leg pants

Pointed toe boots that hug the ankles are ideal for the cooler months ahead. As for sneakers, beware of wearing super decorative ones with wide leg crop pants. They can make you look dowdy and border on appearing sloppy. Instead go for clean, sleek and and monotone styles to add the perfect touch to a modern sporty look (like the one above).

Overall, when it comes to styling, keep proportions in mind the same way you would any other outfit you wear. Balance high volume pants with a slimmer top or cropped jacket, and add more volume at the top to crop pants that are more fitted in the waist and hips. Like all fashion trends, if you experiment with proportions and find your own style, you can wear wide leg crop pants this season!




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How To Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants

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