5 Best Investment Shoes for Women Over 40

Back to school time (otherwise known as fall) always makes me nostalgic and brings back fond memories. These thoughts are not of going back to school and hitting the books, but of shopping for a new pair of shoes! I can still remember my new school shoes, and it was only one new pair each year. That’s why fall is still the time I think about shoes, and the best investment shoes.

Like so many women over 40 I already own so many pairs of shoes I really don’t need any more. But why not get one more pair for the season? I think any new purchases I make should be on investment shoes, a pair I really crave and love and perhaps an iconic designer style.

So I imagined I have all the money in the world and came up with 5 pairs any woman over 40 should add to her wardrobe. I was surprised the designer styles I chose were not necessarily the most expensive, either.  I am going for practicality here, so you can get more cost per wear from these styles, and I’ll tell you why you need them and how to wear them.


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5 Best Investment Shoes for Women Over 40

best investment shoes.gucci gg pump gold

The Loafer

Gucci GG Pump, $830

I know these GG Pumps have been around for many years, but that’s why they make the perfect investment shoe. They wont go out of style for years! I’m partial to the gold metallic. Wear them with jeans, skirts, dresses and trousers. That means you can wear them with just about anything! They will look fabulous with fall plaids and dark floral prints, too. The low heel will keep you comfortable, too.

best investment shoes. Aexander McQueen Platform Sneaker

The Sneaker

Alexander McQueen Platform Sneaker, $575

The sneaker trend has exploded this season beyond the classic old school styles like Adidas All Stars and Vans, which I still think are fabulous and affordable at under $100. But I took a close look at the sneaker options and even if I had all the money in the world I think the Gucci Flashtrek jewel embellished Dad Sneaker is just not worth $1590. Instead I kept gravitating to the look of these Alexander McQueen platform sneakers in white leather. They are a much more flattering modern version of the overblown and over embellished sneakers you will see from other designers. I like the basic white to wear with athleisure looks including leggings and track pants with side stripes. They would look cool with menswear suits and you can even try wearing them with a pencil or midi skirt.

best investment shoes RRoger Vivier Belle Vivier Leather P

The Flat

Roger Vivier Belle Vivier Leather Pumps, $650

I know these are not completely flat but that is the reason I adore them. This version of the 60s classics can be worn a million ways (no seriously). I like them with worn out jeans and slim or cropped pants and a leather jacket, or with dark or colored tights with dresses or skirts. These are perfect office shoes for either business or casual and who can resist that buckle?

best investment shoes Alexander Wang Kori Stretch-Leather Ankle Boots

The Boot

Alexander Wang Kori Stretch-Leather Ankle Boots, $595

Alexander Wang has been offering his signature metal inset cut out heel since I knew his name, but this version is on a 1.5″ heel (yay!) and the tight sock style around the ankle add to the comfort and makes them more flattering, too. Wear them with jeans, all black, and with tights and skirts too. These can be worn 2 to 3 times a week for sure!

best investment shoes ravani Rockstud Noir' T-Strap Pump

The Heels

Valentino Garavani Rockstud Noir’ T-Strap Pump, $1,095

You’ve loved them for years so why haven’t you bought some yet? These are the perfect Rockstuds for women over 40! They have a 2 3/4″ heel so you won’t be teetering in 4″ heels. And the t-strap is super flattering. If you buy them in all black and you will live in them. Wear them with suits, jeans, gowns, dresses, skirts, but don’t forget to wear them – a lot!  These are the kind of shoes we tend to keep and never wear but that is a waste. Show them off. This season they will look great with crop and wide leg pant styles and midi skirts, too.

So if you are only allowed one pair of shoes for back to school season, make it one of these styles. Which pair will you wear the most? Any (or all of them) are worth the investment when you consider how often you can wear them!

About Cost Per Wear

Cost per wear is a math formula to consider when purchasing shoes. For example, if you purchase the Gucci GG Pumps and wear them 2 times a week, that will add up to 104 times you wear them in one year.  Divide the cost of $830 by 104 and your cost per wear equals $7.98. If you get a pair of shoes for $200 and wear them only 10 times, your cost per wear is $20. That’s why it often is a better choice to invest in more expensive shoes.

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