The Thing I Am Loving Today: Benefit BADgal Bang! Volumizing Mascara

I used to do these “The Thing I Am Loving Today” posts all the time years ago and I stopped. I’m not sure why because there is almost always something I am loving at the moment and I want to talk about it because I’m a (over)sharer. These are items I am loving for no other reason than I just adore them. I am not being paid to tell you I love them (because if I were I would tell you). To be honest I am sent a lot of samples and some just don’t make the cut so I don’t talk about them. Others fit into a story I am working on, and then there are those that don’t fit in anywhere but I still want you to know about them.

Case in point, this new Benefit BADgal Bang! Volumizing mascara. So here’s the rub. I am a mascara junkie. I have at least 15 tubes at all times and I can’t commit to just one. It’s my goal and obsession to have gorgeous lashes without the need to pay for extensions (the upkeep is too hard). Then there are false eyelashes which I have admitted before, I can not apply worth a shit.

I love all sorts of mascara, Dior Show, Tarte Better Than Sex, Diorshow PumpnVolume Instant Volume Squeezable Mascara, Tarte’s Lights, Cameras, Lashes and the list goes on. However, if I see a woman with fabulous lashes I ask about them. I have to know their secret. Nine times out of ten they are extensions or the woman is 24 and has natural jaw-dropping lashes. Yet, last week when I asked a woman with insanely gorgeous lashes she told me, ‘It’s the NEW Benefit mascara. I’m on my 4th tube!” So noted.


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I was running last-minute errands before my trip and found myself next door to a Sephora last Friday, so I ran in with my 7 year-old which means I had exactly 10 minutes max before he lost his mind. I located the mascara quickly and was thrilled to see I could buy a sample size. One, I wanted to make sure I loved it before I spent nearly $30 and two, it’s the perfect size for traveling.

Well, it’s pretty damn amazing! My lashes tripled in size and it doesn’t clump! Now I’m the one with enviable lashes. I thought I should pay it forward. I will most certainly be buying a full-size Benefit BADgal upon my return. This one is worth trying. Let me know what you think.

Here is a post I did on the best organics mascaras, check it out!

Lauren Dimet Waters
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