Celebrity Style: Ridiculous Outfits Of The Summer

We’re knee-deep into August, so yes, bright colors and prints are in, but so are ridiculous outfits. I’m all for celebrities making a statement or taking a fashion risk, but sometimes they do it in the craziest ways. Oh and I don’t mean Lady Gaga or Rihanna, the fashionistas who are known for always ALWAYS doing something crazy just because they can. I’m talking about the fashionistas who wear something strange, something very different from their typical style, something that was probably chosen by a stylist (I’d like to hope the celebs themselves didn’t hand pick them out) and it just looks off. Let’s take a look at the stars who have proven me right so far: Celebrity Style: Ridiculous Outfits

Jessica Biel in Johanna Ortiz

I’ve never been a huge fan of Jessica Biel’s style. She’s had some good moments…and a lot of bad ones. This one is no exception. Yes, it’s summer, but does that mean you should get out the bright, exotic Spanish-style flamenco dress? I think not. Biel should stick to her tailored pants and tomboyish button downs. Celebrity Style: Ridiculous Outfits Constance Wu in Altuzarra

Constance Wu in Altuzarra

Everything Joseph Altuzarra does is a work of art. In this case, we mean that LITERALLY. While I love the popular designer has taken inspiration from the Italian countryside for his Resort 2019 collection, the landscape prints on this two-piece set is a bit much. Pair that with sky-high Louboutins and you’ve got the perfect ridiculous outfit — or at least the perfect one for a “Crazy, Rich Asians” star. Celebrity Style: Ridiculous Outfits Rita Ora in Jean Paul Gaultier

Rita Ora in Jean Paul Gaultier

What do you get when you mix Rita Ora with Jean-Paul Gaultier? Well, what do you get when you mix the over-the-top designer with anyone? More than you wanted, that’s for sure. And in this case, it’s fringe boots, a blue beret, a matchy-matchy outfit, bizarre flesh pantyhose, and strange shades that everyone (including Kim Kardashian) are wearing. Pretty ridiculous, for sure. Celebrity Style: Ridiculous Outfits Blake Lively in Brunello Cucinelli

Blake Lively in Brunello Cucinelli

In perhaps the most ridiculous outfit to date, Blake Lively, normally the queen of style stardom, pairs a velvet blazer…over a velvet blazer? Well, to be fair, she pairs the velvet blazer over a velvet suit, but still…it’s not hard to spot the ridiculousness here, especially since she wore it on a super hot day in NYC in August! Although she wore nothing underneath (perhaps in an effort to keep cool?) we still suggest you not try this at home and especially not in the summer heat. – Simona Shemer You may also like to read more from Simona: Celebrity Style: Summer Whites With A Little Embellishment Tossed In For Measure andUnique Interpretations of Menswear Fashion. Are you following Fountain Of 30 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest? We’ve got lots going on, so join in on the fun! Subscribe to our newsletter here.  You don’t want to miss a post and promise not to bug you to death. Oh and we also started a Facebook Group called Aging Backwards! for women to discuss everything good and bad about being over 40. Photos: Jessica Biel and Constance Wu,  Eonline; Rita Ora, Fashionsizzle.com; Blake Lively, Glamour.com Image Lyout: Fountain Of 30  

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