An Officer & A Gentle Woman: The Embellished Military Jacket Trend

I don’t know about you, but I  have been noticing embellished military jackets everywhere. Some are embroidered some have appliques and some have both. Yes I know. I thought I am too old for this trend as well. Maybe I am, but I really don’t care. Neither should you. If it’s good enough for Valentino to sell for a few grand, it’s got to be good enough for me and you to wear. Besides, how many 25 year-olds can afford a $3,000 military jacket anyway? Not too many I assure you. Actually even if I can, I certainly do not want to spend that much on something so trendy and most likely only good for one season. I’d rather buy a new coat or a bag.


May I suggest buying a less inexpensive one? Or do what I did and buy a military jacket for $25 (mine is from Costco) and then purchase iron-on patches from Etsy and do it yourself and create your own! The added bonus is if I decide I no longer want to have embellishments on my jacket, I can just peel them off. Who knows? I may get a few seasons out of my $25 jacket.


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How should you wear and embellished military jacket when you are pushing or are over 40? Make it the focal point of your outfit. Therefore, keep the rest of your clothes simple (like a crewneck sweater and jeans or a midi skirt and white button down shirt) and please keep your jewelry very minimal. You don’t need planes to see you from the sky. I can’t repeat the word edit enough. That is the one crucial mistake I see many women make when it comes to trying trends when approaching or are in the throws of middle age. If your jacket has a lot of embellishments, for the love of God keep your other embellishments simple and understated.

Click here for Etsy iron-on patches. Frankly, it’s more fun finding ones that suit your personality (I had to get a bottle of wine, a military star and a skull). Or simply shop the embellished military jackets I picked out below.


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