My Addiction: Lip Balms

I’m going to go ahead and confess to something right here and right now. I have a dependency. I’m addicted to lip balms. If my lips are ever dry I secretly freak out. I might be a little OCD about it. At first I thought I was just diligent, but then I began to notice I was stashing them everywhere (including that one I left in my jeans pocket and washed by accident and I was pissed because it was a favorite and not cheap). I also find myself licking my lips (which I know only makes them dryer) when it wears off and I can’t get to a lip balm fast enough.

When skin is dry, skin cell production speeds up which is a good thing but our lips look dried out and older and who the hell wants that? Nothing is more aging than dry lips. Why help those fine lines that allow your lipstick to bleed get deeper? You should always at least sleep with some sort of lip balm on. You wear eye cream to bed don’t you (if you don’t we need to have a serious talk BTW)? Moisturizing the skin on your lips really does help keep them supple and those should be words to our ears as we age. Supple lips. Repeat. Supple lips.

So for those of us trying to avoid chapped lips or those of us purely addicted, I’m not suggesting a 12-step program. In fact I am encouraging you to go nuts and it’s not a habit that has to cost very much either. I mean it’s not like we are talking about drugs or alcohol (though I do love my wine), we are talking about moist lips and one could have much worse addictions (like handbags, shoes, sunglasses…well I’m behind those too). What can I say? I’m a really bad influence. I am going to continue to tell you to wear ripped jeans, not dress your age, certainly not act it and try like hell to fight looking it. So let’s start with lips, OK? They are on your face.


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Winter is coming and I think it’s time to feed the beast. I like ones in a lip stick looking container for day (because who wants to dip their fingers into a pot of balm when they don’t have a tissue?) and I use the potted balms at night because I can rub the extra into my cuticles. So I’ll just go ahead and recommend these lip balms (you will then see the full extent of my addiction). If I missed your favorite, please let me know! I love learning about new ones. Obviously.



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