The Best Organic Lip Balms

I have read women ingest anywhere between 3.7 pounds to 7 pounds of lipstick (that includes balms) in their lifetime (various reports all have different numbers). Yet if you think about it, ingesting anything you put on your lips that isn’t organic or somewhat healthy is kinda…gross. Once I learned I was allergic to metals and preservatives (which is in a lot of lipsticks and balms) I started researching healthier options. So in this post we are going to take a look at organic lip balms.

My Addiction: Lip Balms

I’m going to go ahead and confess to something right here and right now. I have a dependency. I’m addicted to lip balms. If my lips are ever dry I secretly freak out. I might be a little OCD about it. At first I thought I was just diligent, but then I began to notice I was stashing them everywhere